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Oh, yes, you read that right!
Posted on Feb 24, 2023 | 10:00am
Here’s to you, NCIS! Now in its 20th season, the popular CBS Original series continues to serve up pulse-pounding drama. And, actually, here's to you, too, because when you sign up for Paramount+, you can stream every episode of every season of NCIS ever – and you can even start your epic binge-watch for FREE!

Sound pretty great? Here's what you need to know about streaming NCIS with Paramount+, including how to stream the show for FREE!
Stream NCIS Now!

How can I stream NCIS for FREE with Paramount+?

Just do it! See, here's the thing: New Paramount+ subscribers get a risk-free, free trial! So, when you sign up for Paramount+, you get instant access to everything Paramount+ has to offer, including, yup, every episode of every season of NCIS ever, including new, in-season episodes of the CBS Original drama.

That's great. But how else can I stream NCIS for FREE with Paramount+?

You want more FREE? We've got more FREE!

On Paramount+, you can stream a whole host of premiere episodes of CBS and Paramount+ original series for free, and without having to sign up for anything. In this free collection, you'll find NCIS' Season 20 season premiere, "A Family Matter." Just click below to start streaming:
Hooked yet? We thought so! If you’re ready to start binge-watching the Emmy Award-nominated, CBS Original series right now, just follow the instructions below on how to sign up for Paramount+!

I’m sold: So, how do I sign up for Paramount+?

It’s easy! Just choose your streaming device from the list below, and read the instructions on how to get started:

Computer or mobile web
iPhone or iPad
Android phone or tablet
Apple TV (4th generation or later)
Android TV
Fire TV
Portal TV
Samsung TV
Vizio TV
PlayStation 4 and 5
Xfinity device
Cox Contour box
iPhone or iPad

What are my plan options?

At sign-up, you’ll be asked to choose a plan. U.S. subscribers have two options: Essential and Premium. There’s no wrong choice! Either plan allows you to stream the entire NCIS library of episodes. But, so you know, only the Premium plan allows you to stream in-season episodes as they air live on CBS.  

Here’s a detailed look at what each plan offers:
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Stream with limited commercial interruptions for $4.99/month, or save 16% off your monthly price with an annual plan* for $49.99/year. Note: The Essential plan does not include your live, local CBS station. This means you won't be able to stream live, in-season NCIS episodes. With this plan, the latest episode will be available for you to stream on demand the following day.

This is the plan for the NCIS fan who wants to stream in-season episodes as they air live!  

Watch with no ads for just $9.99/month, or save 16% off your monthly price with an annual plan* for $99.99/year. And, yes, this plan includes your live, local CBS station. (Note: Live TV streams have commercials, and a few shows on this no-ad tier include brief, promotional interruptions to keep you in the loop on new and upcoming Paramount+ programming.)

Like the Essential plan, this tier delivers NCIS fans every episode of every season of NCIS ever.

And if streaming live, in-season NCIS episodes isn't enough for you, then you're in luck: You'll be able to stream those episodes on demand, too, starting the day following the live broadcast.

*Savings calculated by the total yearly cost of the Essential or Premium monthly plans.
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Besides NCIS, what do I get when I sign up for Paramount+?

You mean besides the larger NCIS franchise, including every episode of every season of NCIS: Hawai'i and NCIS: New Orleans ever, as well as current, in-season episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles?

See, once you’re signed up for Paramount+, you’ll find loads of amazing shows and movies across every genre from world-renowned brands and production studios, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and the Smithsonian Channel.

This means you can stream everything from the NCIS franchise, to other CBS Original Dramas like FBI and Fire Country, and Paramount+ Originals like Criminal Minds: Evolution, Evil, and the Taylor Sheridan hit series 1883, 1923Mayor of Kingstown, and Tulsa King.

Love live sports? The Paramount+ sports roster includes NFL on CBS football games, college basketball (including NCAA Basketball), elite soccer (including more than 2,400 live matches each year from competitions like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and National Women's Soccer League), and professional golf (including the PGA Tour, the Masters, and the PGA Championship).

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to stream tons of great TV series and movies with Paramount+ – starting, of course, with NCIS!
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