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    Could Nostradamus really see the future, or did he just see the fortune he could make? The famous astrologer has been credited with predicting 9/11, the rise of Hitler, JFK's assassination, and more, but is there a legitimate link between these modern events and his ancient prophecies? Join historical investigators, scientists, and translators as they probe his life and works, and enter the secret world of medieval astrology to determine whether Nostradamus was a man ahead of his time or a just a clever charlatan.

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Abraham Lincoln. Adolf Hitler. The birth of Christ. The death of Joan of Arc. We know that these seminal people and events helped shape our history, and we know their stories well...or do we? Much of our information about the last 2,000 years is based on unreliable sources, old technology, and antiquated theories. Not anymore. Take a journey around the world as modern historians, scientists and scholars investigate ancient artifacts, documents and locales to answer age-old questions about our puzzling past.
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