Season 2

Episode Guide

Basketball Dogs vs. The Harlem Globetrotters

S2 E1
Sep 02, 2016
The Harlem Globetrotters play Mutt & Stuff in a game of basketball! Stuff isn't worried, because with his lucky charm, Murray the Walrus, he never misses a shot.

The Happy Hallowoof Party

S2 E2
Oct 29, 2016
Calvin and the dogs are having a big Halloween costume party, but when Cuddles doesn't get an invitation in the mailbox, the sad pup thinks he wasn't invited. Lucky for Cuddles, Annie The Animal Rescuer shows up looking for lost baby bunnies, and she vows to help find the missing invitation too!

Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Skunk

S2 E3
Feb 11, 2017
Noodles disguises his friend, Olive the Skunk, as a dog to show the class that they shouldn't judge a friend by their fur.

Doggy Adventure Day

S2 E4
Feb 17, 2017
The Mutt & Stuff dogs play jungle adventure games! Even though the games prove to be a big challenge, the dogs learn the value of never giving up with Calvin's encouragement and supportive guidance.

Sit, Stay, Stand Up!

S2 E5
Feb 20, 2017
Calvin invites comedian Wally Whiskers to Mutt & Stuff for Junior Shades' birthday. When Wally's cat-themed jokes fall flat, Calvin helps him learn all about dog behavior, and he becomes a doggy joke-telling pro!

Roller Dogs

S2 E6
Apr 02, 2017
Mutt & Stuff goes to a roller rink, but Calvin doesn't know how to roller skate! Calvin gets some help from Dr. Kristina to become a skating star!

Grandma's Day Off

S2 E7
Apr 03, 2017
It's Grandma Day at Mutt & Stuff! Calvin calls Buddy Sitandshake, professional dog sitter, to puppy sit Grandma's puppies. When Buddy gets overwhelmed with the big responsibility, he learns to ask for help!

Annie To The Rescue

S2 E8
Apr 04, 2017
Mutt & Stuff is celebrating Dude's graduation, but when Dude goes missing, Annie the Animal Rescuer shows up and uses her skills to track down the missing dog!

Doggy Dining Disaster!

S2 E9
Apr 05, 2017
The Mutt & Stuff class helps a doggy chef open a restaurant in the school! The dogs must work together to impress the food critic, Theodore Von Barkerman.

Doggy Mermaid Island

S2 E10
Apr 06, 2017
Mutt & Stuff's new student, Pearl, is half dog, half fish, and totally shy! The class comes to Doggy Mermaid Island to help Pearl overcome her first-day-of-school jitters!


S2 E11
Jun 04, 2017
Mutt & Stuff's new student, Cowboy, is a bossy dog. Calvin helps Cowboy see how his actions make the other dogs feel, and he becomes a well-loved part of the pack.

H.R. Pufnstuf's Happy Tree Jamboree

S2 E12
Jun 05, 2017
H.R. Pufnstuf is coming to Mutt & Stuff to celebrate the Bloomy Tree Jamboree! The Trees' flowers haven't bloomed yet, so Stuff and the dogs help figure out the special surprise that makes the Trees bloom into flowers!

Putt & Stuff

S2 E13
Jun 06, 2017
Mutt & Stuff goes mini golfing! But when Noodles the Mouse secretly helps Sunny win at each hole, he learns that it's best to practice hard to learn a new skill.

Woof Out!

S2 E14
Jun 07, 2017
Buddy Sitandshake, a professional dog sitter, competes in new doggy game show "Woof Out!" With the help of his Mutt & Stuff buddies, Buddy wins the grand prize, defeating his opponent Peter Poodlerino!

The Wag 4 Rock Concert

S2 E15
Jun 08, 2017
Stuff and the dogs are putting on a rock concert, and when they need a singer, they turn to Gabi Groomer who happens to have a great voice! With encouragement from the pack, she overcomes her stage fright and sings with the pups!

A Chew Toy Fairy-Tail

S2 E16
Jun 09, 2017
When Stuff breaks his favorite chew toy, a tiny flying Chew Toy Fairy arrives to fix the toy. But when her magic wand breaks, Calvin and the dogs have to help her find her magic powers again so she can fix doggy toys.

Hocus Puppy Pocus

S2 E17
Jun 20, 2017
When Stuff uses his new magic book to perform tricks, he accidentally turns Calvin into a chicken! He needs the help of his favorite magician, Irving The Enchanted, to save the day and bring back Calvin!

Dog Star Challenge

S2 E18
Jun 21, 2017
A famous doggy website is having a competition: send in a video of the best action dog! Zippy is ready to compete, but then his identical looking brothers, Speedy and Peppy, show up.

Doggy Gymnastics!

S2 E19
Jul 03, 2017
Olympic Medalist Simone Biles comes to Mutt & Stuff and invites Calvin and the dogs to join her Gymnastics Team! But after the dogs forget to pack important items for the competition, Calvin teaches them a lesson about being prepared!

Construction Dogs!

S2 E20
Jul 16, 2017
Its Construction Day at Mutt & Stuff, and Princess Pickles demands that everyone build her a princess doghouse. With her bossy ways, none of the other dogs want to play with her.

Hop Dog

S2 E21
Jul 17, 2017
Noodles the mouse is playing too many jokes on Jolly Joke Day, causing lots of mischief. Calvin reminds him not to take things too far, so Noodles promises to halt the jokes.

The Woof Zone!

S2 E22
Jul 18, 2017
Annie The Animal Rescuer takes Calvin and the class to a new doggy play space called The Woof Zone! The dogs have to learn how to be good guests and follow the rules!

Superhero Dogs!

S2 E23
Jul 19, 2017
While Super Sammy goes on a Super Vacation, the Super Villain Smarty Cat tries to turn Mutt & Stuff into a school for cats. Calvin and the class must use their new super powers to save the day!

Surprise Birthday Balloon Bash!

S2 E24
Aug 06, 2017
Gabi Groomer and her brother, Sergio Style, come to Mutt & Stuff to throw a surprise birthday party for their dog! But when they argue too loud over what kind of party to have, the rest of the dogs dont want to help.

Twin Day!

S2 E25
Aug 07, 2017
Its a double dose of fun for Mutt & Stuff on twin day! The school is filled with twin dogs dressing up in costumes and doing tricks. Stuff and Junior Shades feel left out of the fun, so they decide to dress like each other to join in.

Get Up And Bark!

S2 E26
Aug 08, 2017
When the dogs play video games all day, Calvin calls the famous gym instructor Jumping Jimmy. He turns the Woof Zone into a doggy gym to get the dogs up and moving!

CannonDOG Run!

S2 E27
Aug 09, 2017
Its time for the CannonDOG Run Race at Mutt & Stuff! TommyTortuga, the race tortoise, joins the fun and teaches Noodles a lesson about how slow and steady wins the race!

The Dog Boat!

S2 E28
Oct 01, 2017
Mutt & Stuff goes on a doggy cruise! But when Stuff hurts his ankle, he has to find new ways to have fun on the ship!

Pixie, I Shrunk the Class!

S2 E29
Oct 02, 2017
Little Pixie is sad about being the smallest dog at Mutt & Stuff. Pixie tries to use a grow ray to make herself bigger but accidentally shrinks Calvin and the rest of the dogs!

Woofing 9 to 5

S2 E30
Oct 03, 2017
It's Career Day at Mutt & Stuff! Stuff tries to figure out which career he could do when a rescue dog, sled dog, and a seeing-eye dog come to visit.

Dog Submarine!

S2 E31
Oct 04, 2017
Its baseball day at Mutt & Stuff! Zippy hits a home run and sends the ball to the bottom of the ocean! The dogs ride a submarine to find it, while also making some new underwater friends.

Doggy Safari!

S2 E32
Oct 29, 2017
Calvin and the dogs go on a real, wild animal safari with their Safari Guide, Sally Safari! But when Sally gets bummed out that she can't find any animals, the dogs help boost her up and search with her!

Choo Choo Trouble

S2 E33
Oct 31, 2017
It's Class Movie Day at Mutt & Stuff! But when a determined train builder decides to build a train right through Mutt & Stuff, Calvin and the class must figure out a way to save their school!