Season 1

Episode Guide

Hip Hop Dogs

S1 E1
Aug 01, 2015
Calvin helps one of his doggy students cope with missing his owner while he's at school. Even better, Calvin helps the owner when she needs back-up dancers at her dance performance. Cue the Mutt & Stuff hip hop dog dancers!

Class Picture Day

S1 E2
Aug 02, 2015
It's Class Picture Day at Mutt & Stuff, and Calvin gets all the dogs dressed up in costumes for their puppy portrait! But the fun comes to a halt when two dogs want to dress like a pirate, and there's only one pirate hat. Arrrg!

Doggy Movin'

S1 E3
Aug 03, 2015
When one of Calvin's students won't budge out of her new fancy doggy carrier, it's up to Calvin to find out why, and then get this doggy movin' and exercising!

Zippy's Birthday Bash

S1 E4
Aug 04, 2015
While putting together a surprise birthday party for his best friend Zippy, Calvin can't figure out the perfect gift to make his buddy happy. Calvin's dad arrives and offers some great advice that helps Calvin.

A Pawsome Circus Show

S1 E5
Aug 05, 2015
The dogs at Mutt & Stuff are putting on a circus! But the show comes to a halt when one dog gets upset that his trick might not be good enough. Not to worry, Calvin saves the day with his guidance and friendship!

A Goldfish Opportunity

S1 E6
Aug 06, 2015
Stuff tells Calvin that he wants a pet of his own, so Calvin gets Stuff a goldfish and teaches him what it takes to be a good pet owner. Stuff quickly learns that owning a pet is a big responsibility!

I Bark of Genie

S1 E7
Dec 04, 2015
Zippy digs up a genie lamp in the front yard, and a genie appears! After granting wishes to all of the dogs, Stuff wishes himself into a genie and goes on a wishing spree! It's up to Calvin to put things back to normal.

Cloudy with a Chance of Accidents

S1 E8
Aug 08, 2015
The class can't wait to go outside to see Zippy's new trick, but their plans get washed away when it starts raining. When Calvin switches plans and sets up a day of indoor doggy fun, one of the dogs has an accident.

Achey Breaky Bark

S1 E9
Aug 09, 2015
It's a cowboy-themed day when a country-pop singer comes to Mutt & Stuff with a scraggily dog she found on the road. Calvin and the class help get the pooch ready to be adopted, but the little dog melts the singer's heart.

Lady Woof Woof

S1 E10
Aug 10, 2015
Doggy rock star Lady Woof Woof is visiting today! Her biggest fan Stuff does his best to be a helpful pup for his new friends, but he keeps comically messing up in his attempts.

The Fast & The Furriest

S1 E11
Aug 11, 2015
Vroom Vroom! It's Race Day at Mutt & Stuff, and Calvin has invited race dog extraordinaire Mario Bonedretti to join in on the racing fun. The dogs learn a thing or two about playing by the rules.

Get Along Little Piggy

S1 E12
Aug 12, 2015
Today there's a new student at Mutt & Stuff, and he oinks instead of barks and his tail curls instead of wags - he's Skippity Boo the pig! The dogs and Skippity Boo have a ton of fun playing and having a hoedown doggy dance party!

Veterinary Loves Company

S1 E13
Aug 13, 2015
To get one of his nervous dogs calm before a vet visit, Calvin plays a series of fun and calming games. But it turns out there is an even bigger and fluffier problem ahead - Stuff has to go to the vet too!

Doggy Dino

S1 E14
Aug 14, 2015
It's a Doggy Dinosaur costume party at Mutt & Stuff today, but the costumes Calvin ordered haven't arrived yet! While Zippy is out looking for the mailman, the class has a close encounter with a real live dinosaur, or so they think.

Ninja Dog

S1 E15
Aug 15, 2015
It's Ninja Day at Mutt & Stuff! Calvin gets all of the dogs dressed up in ninja clothes to practice their skills, with the help of a super special ninja master!

Take Me to Your Pack Leader

S1 E16
Aug 16, 2015
Calvin welcomes an extra special visitor to Mutt & Stuff who is truly out of this world An alien doggy named Wagoid from the Planet Snyf has traveled through space to see what makes Mutt & Stuff the greatest dog school.

Skate Doggin'

S1 E17
Aug 17, 2015
Today at Mutt & Stuff, the dogs are going to the Big Skateboard Festival! Cuddles is especially excited to go, but he's nervous because he's never set paw on a skateboard before!

Game of Bones

S1 E18
Aug 18, 2015
Calvin is busy helping Grumbles get over his fear of participating in the Doggy Olympics. Fortunately, Calvin's younger cousin Marco is visiting, and he volunteers to help watch the rest of the dogs while Calvin deals with Grumbles.

Mutt & Stuff Express

S1 E19
Aug 19, 2015
Mutt & Stuff is having an open house to give kids a tour of the school. So many kids show up that Calvin and the dogs have to build a train to carry everyone. But trouble arises when all the dogs want to do the same job and be the conductor.

Cleo Kibble

S1 E20
Aug 20, 2015
While preparing for the Big Mutt & Stuff Picnic, Calvin forgets snack time and breaks the Bow Wow Chow Snack machine trying to speed it up! Calvin calls Cleo Kibble to come fix the machine.

Dogs on a Plane

S1 E21
Aug 21, 2015
The class are going on a vacation to Hawaii, and it's also their first time on an airplane! Calvin and a friendly flight attendant help teach the dogs about proper travel etiquette, the Mutt & Stuff way!

Sherdog Bones

S1 E22
Aug 22, 2015
There's a new student at Mutt & Stuff. Mr. Shades little brother "Junior Shades" is joining the school. And on his first day, he loses his sunglasses! Calvin and the dogs must become doggy detectives to track down the shades.

Princess & the Cone

S1 E23
Aug 23, 2015
It's Knights and Castles day at Mutt & Stuff, when the dogs get to dress up like it's the medieval times! But poor Princess Pickles, the fanciest dog in the land, has to wear a cone all day! Doctor's orders. Calvin and the class try to cheer up their friend and make her feel like a beautiful princess anyways!

A Very Mutty Christmas

S1 E24
Aug 24, 2015
It's Christmas Time at Mutt & Stuff, and everything is decorated for a winter wonderland! However, the forecast calls for sunny skies, which means the puppy Junior Shades won't get to see snow. With some Christmas magic, and a visit from Phil The Snow dog, we get to see real snow!

H.R. Pufnstuf Visits Mutt & Stuff

S1 E25
Aug 25, 2015
Stuff's Uncle H.R. Pufnstuf is coming to visit Mutt & Stuff! Stuff wants to make sure everything is perfect for Pufnstuf's special visit, and he goes a bit overboard in an attempt to impress his favorite uncle.

Super Doggy Adoption

S1 E26
Aug 26, 2015
A superhero flies into Mutt & Stuff with his potential new sidekick, an older dog named Awesome Doggy!

Welcome Noodles!

S1 E27
Aug 27, 2015
Mutt & Stuff has a new class pet, and he's the cutest, littlest mouse named "Noodles Magoo!" Calvin and the class do their best to include the tiny mouse in their doggy activities.

Lights! Camera! Bark!

S1 E28
Aug 28, 2015
A famous director comes to Mutt & Stuff to direct a movie, but a big problem arises when she sees that all the actors are dogs. She's never worked with dogs before!

Amusement Bark

S1 E29
Aug 29, 2015
Calvin takes the dogs to an Amusement Park, and Stuff has to learn patience while he waits for the big roller coaster ride!

Gabi's Groom-A-Thon

S1 E30
Aug 30, 2015
Gabi Groomer wants to set a world record for washing the most dogs on a single day, so Calvin and the dogs build a giant automated dog-washing machine.

World Pup

S1 E31
Sep 01, 2015
It's Soccer Day, and all the dogs put on uniforms to play in the big game! Then little Pixie scores the winning goal!

Goat in 60 Seconds!

S1 E32
Sep 02, 2015
While at the Doggy Farm Festival, Calvin's friend Jenny Jasper asks Stuff to take care of her prize-winning goat.

Puppy Pirates!

S1 E33
Sep 03, 2015
Aaargh, matey! A real life pirate comes to Mutt & Stuff, looking for treasure!

Fire Dogs

S1 E34
Sep 04, 2015
Fireman Fred and his firedog Dotti arrive in a real firetruck to teach Mutt & Stuff about fire safety!

Ruffin' It Camping

S1 E35
Sep 05, 2015
Calvin takes all the dogs on a fun camping trip, where they set up tents, tell spooky stories, and sing doggy campfire songs!

Sick As A Dog

S1 E36
Sep 06, 2015
When Calvin isn't feeling well, Cousin Marco takes over at Mutt & Stuff. Then he and the dogs try everything they can to make Calvin feel better.

Dinner With Cesar

S1 E37
Sep 07, 2015
Calvin and the dogs make a surprise special dinner for Cesar to show how much they appreciate him.

Ba-a-a-ack To School!

S1 E38
Sep 08, 2015
The class gets quite a surprise when two sheep wander into the school, and Calvin and the dogs have to figure out how to get them back home!

Dogs In Space

S1 E39
Sep 09, 2015
When Marco visits to play catch with Rocket, he bounces a super bouncy ball too high, and it lands on the moon! Then Calvin, Marco, and the dogs build a spaceship to fly to the moon!

Pool Party

S1 E40
Sep 10, 2015
It's super hot outside, so Calvin takes all the dogs on a field trip to an indoor pool park!