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Season 1

Episode Guide

They Are Among US / Pinkbeard's Treasure / A Mountaineer Like No Other

S1 E1
Jan 01, 2018
Busy observing the sky in search of UFOS, Magoo accidentally finds himself wandering over to Fizz's house. Thinking that the hamster is none other than an E.T., with plans to destroy earth, Magoo decides to save the planet. / Magoo, hunting for Pinkbeard's treasure, mistakes the park for an island. Fizz and Weasel are there, selling ice cream that never falls on the ground. Magoo messes up their plans, confusing Weasel for Pinkbeard and the icebox for treasure. / Magoo has decided to go mountain climbing but in reality, he is climbing up a skyscraper! He mixes Fizz up with a wounded bird and ruins his plan: make everyone think that he is a superhero by saving Weasel, who is about to "fall out of the building".

Wallpapering Magoo / Lend Me Your Earpiece / Honey Bear

S1 E2
Jan 02, 2018
Magoo thinks that he is peeling off old wallpaper on Linda's walls, but he is actually destroying Fizz' hypnotic posters In order to get rid of his arch-enemy, Fizz hypnotizes Mr. Cat who suddenly, turns against his master. / Magoo finds himself shrunk and then dragged inside the President's head, along with Fizz. He thinks the hamster is a little, lost boy and decides to help him find his way home, preventing him from taking control of the President's brain. / Magoo thinks that he is on a camping trip but he is actually just in the city park. When he sees Weasel wearing a suit that allows him to stock a very special honey gathered by Fizz, he thinks he's a wounded bear and decides to help him...

Halloween Hold-up / Firefighter for a Day / Legs of Steel

S1 E3
Jan 03, 2018
Magoo is thinks is out trick-or-treating for Halloween. But he unwittingly robs a bank instead of Weasel. Fizz, whose plan was to heroically arrest the "pseudo" burglar, rushes over to Magoo's house to grab the money and take our little man off to jail. / Magoo is a part-time firefighter reservist whose rescue mission for the day is to save a cat in a tree. In reality, the cat is none other than Fizz, who is systematically incapable of activating his new "Fizzsounds" machine. / Thinking he is in the middle of a work-out at his local gym, Magoo inadvertently climbs onto a delivery boy's bicycle. It just so happens that he is transporting the biggest diamond in the world...the one that Fizz and Weasel were planning to steal! .

Mistaken Identity / Hats Off Magoo! / A Recipe for Success

S1 E4
Jan 04, 2018
At the supermarket, Magoo mixes his shopping cart up with a baby stroller. Fizz decides to save the toddler and become a media star. But to do that, he'll have to get the baby out of Magoo's hands before he goes home to cook up a pork roast for Marnie! / Magoo thinks that Fizz is a hat he is going to wear for his romantic date with Marnie. The hamster is going to have a heck of a time saving the planet from a fake meteorite and becoming a world-renowned hero as long as he is a hat! / Magoo thinks Weasel has opened a restaurant, and wants to help him improve it. He mistakes the FizzLab for a kitchen, and prevents Fizz, who he believes is the chef, from perfecting a formula that will turn all pasta into Fizz-shaped fizzetelle.

Skyfall / The Last Groundhog / Hamster Fishing

S1 E5
Jan 05, 2018
When Magoo treats Mr Cat to a parachute jump, the two friends land on the top of the AeroFizz. Convinced that they are marooned on a desert island, Magoo mistakes Weasel for another survivor who needs help while they wait to be rescued. / Magoo mistakes Weasel (in an animal costume) for a groundhog being hunted, and confiscates the hunter's gun. In reality, he steals a camera from Fizz, which the latter was using to make a super cute video to attract millions of views online. / Fizz is at the municipal pool, he wants to revolution the world of sub-marine hairdressing! But Magoo, thinking that he is actually fishing in a lake, starts trying to catch Weasel, who he thinks is a magnificent, huge fish, thereby sabotaging the hamster's efforts every time he tries to think.

Nice Little Doggy / Home Havoc / Whiter Than White

S1 E6
Jan 06, 2018
Magoo is handing out food to the local neighborhood animals when he stumbles on a gigantic, horrific hamster that Fizz has released from some parallel dimension. Magoo thinks it's some poor, homeless dog with difficulties eating. / Magoo can't find the book that Linda lent him and he's ready to turn the house upside down to find it. The problem is that he is not in his house but in Fizz's loft. He makes such a ruckus that the hamster starts believing he's got a ghost in the house. /

Fizz Tower / Hibernafizz / Doctor Magoo

S1 E7
Jan 07, 2018
Thinking he's hunting down a rat in his attic, Magoo finds himself on the theme park, devoted to...the glory of Fizz. He decides to get rid of the little pest the "rat", who is none other than that megalomaniac hamster. / Magoo comes across Fizz encased in ice and thinks he has found a prehistoric man. He thaws him out and acts like a Cro-Magnon, so as not to distress him. When Weasel tries to save Fizz, Magoo mistakes him for an ill-intentioned scientist. / Magoo thinks he's helping out at an understaffed veterinary clinic. In fact, he's at the supermarket, where Fizz is trying to gain popularity by selling his cleaning products. Magoo mistakes the hamster for the President's sick Yorkshire terrier.

Space Hamster / Poolwatch! / Magoo in Shining Armor

S1 E8
Jan 08, 2018
In order to make himself an object of worship, Fizz makes people believe he's an alien coming to share his wisdom. Magoo mistakes him for his favorite singer, Sultan, in the middle of an autograph session. As usual, he ruins Fizz's glorious arrival. / Magoo thinks that the whole neighborhood has been flooded, when in fact he is just at the local swimming pool. He starts trying to rescue all of the swimmers and sabotage Fizz's plan to become the greatest super hero lifeguard the world has ever seen! / Magoo, on a construction site, thinks he's been hired for a medieval theater show. Fizz and Weasel bump into Magoo at the top of the tower. He mistakes the former for a damsel in distress and decides to save "her" from the clutches of an evil prince.

Baby Steps / Ghost Hunt / Toes in the Sand

S1 E9
Jan 09, 2018
Magoo is babysitting the Neighbors' toddler. The baby flees and kidnaps Fizz mistaking him for a plush toy. Thinking he's playing hide and seek with the toddler, Magoo wanders across the dangers of New York with Mr Cat and Weasel on his heels. / Fizz has invented a machine which stops toast from landing butter-side down. Magoo, paying his neighbor a visit, sees some floating toast and believes a ghost is haunting their house. He refuses to leave until the ghost has disappeared! / Magoo thinks he is on a beach and that sailors are emptying their oil tanker right into the ocean. Wanting to put a stop to the pollution he keeps Fizz and Weasel from pouring concrete and embedding a huuuuge Fizz paw print in it.

Santa's Little Helper / Mega Magoo vs Dr. Fizz / At the Heart of the Crater

S1 E10
Jan 10, 2018
Magoo, a Christmas volunteer in a supermarket, thinks a burglar is entering overnight and decides to stop him. In reality, it is none other than Weasel, who is helping Fizz replace all the toys with Fizz plushies. / Fizz, controlling a robot, distributes free ice cream to everyone in the city. When Magoo mistakes him for a destructive monster, he gets sprayed with ice cream; now, believing he's been given superpowers, he uses them to get rid of the monster. / Magoo thinks that he is at the foot of a volcano, but in fact, he's next to a huge soup vat. And he sets it all awry. He thus stops Fizz from turning the vat vapors into clouds shaped like... Fizz. Magoo thinks that a volcanic eruption is underway.

Dusk of the Cucumber / Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop / Lost in the Subway

S1 E11
Jan 11, 2018
Fizz invents a cucumber that turns whoever is holding it into an object of human worship. When Magoo sees hypnotized passers-by being drawn towards Fizz and Weasel, he thinks it's the zombie apocalypse and grabs the cucumber as a makeshift weapon. / Magoo thinks that he is auditioning for a circus troop, but he is actually in a professional wrestling ring, in the middle of a fight against... Fizz, who is decked out in a super-muscle-bound outfit, ready to knock the little man out for the count. / Magoo thinks he is in the subway but actually, he's in a cave. Running into Weasel, he thinks he's lost and decides to help him find his way. He thus sabotages Fizz's plan who is trying to finish a "fake" prehistoric fresco in his effigy.

Dinosaur Island / Saving the Gnomes of Astroturf / The Golden Fizz

S1 E12
Jan 12, 2018
Fizz has reduced the size of the moon in order to model it in his own image. But Magoo thinks it's a dinosaur egg ready to hatch, so he's looking for his mother and protects him from the dinosaur eater: Weasel. / Magoo mistakes some kids at the park for gnomes in a magic forest. Fizz uses a remote to immobilize them, to win over their parents. Magoo steals this "magic scepter" that put a spell on the gnomes. / Fizz plans on replacing the statue from an Oscar-like award's ceremony, with a statue in his effigy. But Magoo grabs it, thinking he has found a magnificent object in a home decoration store. Fizz tries to get it back, but no way Magoo found it first!

Dances with Walruses / Love Thy Neighbour / Not Without My Hamster

S1 E13
Jan 13, 2018
Magoo thinks he's herding cattle through the desert, but is in fact on an ice floe with walruses. He takes Fizz and Weasel for cattle rustlers, when they're just trying to put on a show with the walruses to dazzle the planet. / Magoo thinks he is housesitting for Weasel while the latter is on vacation. When he sees him returning from the grocery store with Fizz, he thinks they're burglars. He locks himself inside the house to stop them from coming in. / Fizz and Weasel are at the supermarket buying ingredients to make the world's best cake. They bump into Magoo, who thinks he's at a carnival. He mistakes Fizz for a plush toy that he has won, and Weasel for an envious player who wants to steal it.

The Curse of the Pyramid / The Bodyguard / Concrete Jungle

S1 E14
Jan 14, 2018
Magoo thinks that he is lost in a pyramid but he is in fact in a big conference room where Fizz is about to perform a stand-up act in order to become the darling of the crowd. Magoo thinks he's woken up a mummy (in fact Weasel) and tries to flee. / Fizz has dressed Weasel up as a supervillain in order to pretend to save the city. Magoo mistakes his disguised neighbor for an actress in danger and decides to protect "her" from Fizz, who he believes is a dangerous fan. / Fizz has invented a machine which turns spoiled brats into perfect children. Weasel accidentally launches Fizz next to Magoo. The latter, believing he is driving through a wildlife reserve, mistakes him for a lost child who needs help.

Deep Sea Diving / Magoo the Sorcerer / The Letter to Santa Claus

S1 E15
Jan 15, 2018
Magoo thinks he's underwater scooting and has discovered Atlantis. In fact, he's in New York, riding Fizz's latest invention: a flying seed that will turn the turf of a football stadium the color of his fur. / Fizz and Weasel are trying to steal the president's jokebook. Magoo, thinking he is visiting a museum of sorcery, mistakes Weasel for a wizard who wants to steal a book of magic spells, and decides to stop him and save the world. / Magoo forgets to include a gift for Mr Cat in his letter to Santa! Trying to make amends, he follows Weasel, disguised as an elf, who unintentionally leads him into the AeroFizz. Magoo mistakes Fizz for the person in charge of the Christmas mail.

Free Weasel / Magoo, a Wrinkle in Time / The Nanogamba Tribe

S1 E16
Jan 16, 2018
Magoo, atop an unfinished skyscraper, thinks he's at the beach. Fizz, dressed as Santa, in a sleigh pulled by Weasel, is giving out gifts. They crash near Magoo, who takes him for a protected type of tuna being hunted by an irresponsible fisherman. / Fizz has invented the hoverboard! After a slip-up from Weasel, the board ends up in the hands of Magoo, who thinks he has found his new ironing board. Magoo glides through the city without realizing it, convinced that the board is defective. / When Fizz and Weasel shoot an ad for their special new fragrance "Fizz Scent", Fizz falls into the sewers, only to bump into Magoo, who thinks he's exploring the jungle. The latter mistakes Fizz for a lost child of the Nanoshrimp tribe.

Mountain Rescue / The Great Outdoors / Shaaaaaark !

S1 E17
Jan 17, 2018
In the desert, Fizz and Weasel plan a global fireworks display in Fizz's honor. But Mountain Rescuer Magoo mistakes Weasel for a skier in distress. Magoo prepares everyone to survive extreme conditions. / In the forest, Fizz and Weasel go in search of a legendary berry to make the best jam in the world. But Magoo, out hiking, sets up camp by the rare fruit patch, giving a warm welcome to a bear that he has mistaken for a wayward hiker. / Magoo thinks he's a beach lifeguard but is actually on an ice floe and the swimmers are penguins! When Fizz shows up in a submarine to kidnap them, Magoo thinks it's a shark attack!

Kung Fizz / Air Magoo / The Prophecy of the Goldensand's Dragon

S1 E18
Jan 18, 2018
Fizz and Weasel are after the president's jokebook! But Magoo, thinking he's in his dojo, enters the high-security unit where it's kept. When he mistakes Fizz for his kung-fu master assessing his level, he accidentally helps Fizz get the book. / Run! Magoo's going to miss his flight! Unfortunately, he's not at the airport, but the supermarket, precisely where Fizz and Weasel are hatching their latest plan. Magoo mistakes Fizz for an airline freebie and shoves him in his suitcase. / Fizz is at the beach trying to build the most beautiful sandcastle in history. Magoo thinks he is in the legendary land of Muddle Earth, where they are preparing to thwart an attack by an evil enemy riding a dragon. In reality, it's just the AeroFizz.

Star Man / Hornets Attack! / Chill Out

S1 E19
Jan 19, 2018
Fizz rehearses a dance number that'll make him the world's greatest star. But when Weasel catapults him next door onto the roof, Magoo thinks he's a stray alien. Weasel comes to save Fizz, leading Magoo to think he is up against an evil scientist. / Volunteer firefighter Magoo patrols the park. Fizz and Weasel, perched on a fake cloud like two Cupids, shoot people with arrows to make them fall in love with Fizz. But Magoo mistakes them for a giant hornet attacking the park-goers. / Fizz is recording a chill CD to de-stress the world, so he needs peace and quiet. Unlucky for him: Magoo's come over to borrow a wrench and thinks there's a leak in their house. And he's not leaving until he's found its source.

Aerofizz! / The Last Oak Tree Standing / Super Duper Sale

S1 E20
Jan 20, 2018
Weasel tries for his AeroFizz pilots license again. Magoo throws a wrench in the works when, convinced that he's fixing his roof, he pierces a hole in the airship, sending Fizz overboard. Weasel has to get by alone in the cockpit. / Fizz and Weasel have set up their super-antenna in the middle of the desert. Magoo, thinking he's walking in the forest, ends up beside them. He mistakes the antenna for the forest's last oak tree, and Weasel for a lumberjack ready to cut it down. / Hidden inside a robot, Fizz and Weasel hack the world's Internet server, but Magoo, shopping the sales, mistakes it for a shopping cart and takes it. Chased by Fizz and Weasel in their robot, he thinks he's being targeted by a hostile shopper.

Sweet Dreams, Mr Cat / Man of Steel / Fizz FM

S1 E21
Jan 20, 2018
Fizz beams himself into Weasel's brain in order to control his useless sidekick and take out Magoo with tranquilizer darts. Magoo loses Mr Cat and enlists his neighbor to help find him, so he can take him to the groomer's. / Magoo thinks he's in a triathlon and takes Fizz's superhuman strength headband. The latter had been planning to use it to beat the President at long last in a thumb-wrestling championship. But first he must reclaim it from Magoo! / Today's the big day! Magoo is recording a hit single! Thinking he's in a music studio, he goes next door and mistakes Fizz for famous producer, Phil Dustspeck. With Dustspeck on board, Magoo's song will surely be a success! Fizz, however, begs to differ...

Magoo 2.0 / Vanilla Strawberry Meltdown / Mr Fixit

S1 E22
Jan 22, 2018
Fizz tests his FizzoJam, a ray that makes people dance in his honor. Magoo, wearing a snorkeling mask that he's convinced is a virtual reality gaming headset, bumps into them and mistakes the FizzoJam for his own weapon and Weasel for his teammate. / Thinking he's on an Artic expedition (actually at the beach), Magoo mistakes Fizz for an Amazonian marmoset monkey, definitive evidence of global warming. He does his utmost to capture Fizz, so he can present him to the scientific community. / Thinking he's fixing Weasel's coffee maker, Magoo tweaks Fizz's teleporter, the invention that the hamster plans to exhibit at the innovation tradeshow. Fizz and Weasel try to get the machine back, getting teleported all over the place along the way.

Brain Washed / MG007 / The Gluttons for Punishment

S1 E23
Jan 23, 2018
While helping Linda clean her attic, Magoo gets shrunken and teleported into Fizz's brain. Fizz himself had intended for his brain to become a museum in homage to his immense genius. / Magoo takes Fizz for a toy containing top secret information, which he steals from a secret agent (in reality, Weasel). Hell-bent on destroying the toy, Magoo manages to stop Fizz from engraving the hamster's face on the statue of the US President. / Fizz and Weasel plan to enter Fizz's revolutionary new condiment in an international culinary contest. Magoo mistakes them for members of his rock band, The Gluttons for Punishment, who have reunited to play at a festival. .

Welcome to Translovenia / Maggie Magoo / Magoo's Best Friend

S1 E24
Jan 24, 2018
Magoo thinks he's on a trip to Translovenia and takes shelter in a mansion owned by a vampire. In reality, this vampire is Weasel, helping Fizz in his attempt to turn the moon into a Fizz-like sun, and make the night disappear, once and for all. / A bear has escaped from the zoo and Fizz is hell-bent on making it his pet. Magoo mistakes the bear for his niece who's come to spend the day with him, making life difficult for Fizz and Weasel, as they try to capture the beast. / Magoo mistakes Fizz for his best friend Harry from school, and thinks the two of them are visiting their old school. In fact, they've infiltrated the high-security unit from which Fizz is attempting to steal the President's joke book.

7 Minutes Flat / Family Meal / MAG007 is back

S1 E25
Jan 25, 2018
Weasel tests out Fizz's latest invention: a 3-piece swimsuit to make beachgoers look chic. Magoo mistakes him for the President, who (he believes) is at risk of being kidnapped. He therefore takes it upon himself to protect him. / Fizz wants to cure Magoo's near-sightedness for good. He and Weasel go over to his house, only to be taken for Magoo's parents on a surprise visit. As Magoo prepares them a feast, Fizz and Weasel desperately try to put a pair of glasses on his face. / Fizz writes a genius plan on a post-it that gets stuck to Magoo's forehead. When Weasel tries to get it back, Magoo thinks he's being pursued by evil agent Klulescz, who's looking to steal top secret documents.

Here Kitty / Ratman / Free the Rabbit!

S1 E26
Jan 26, 2018
As Fizz gets ready to travel to another dimension populated entirely by other Fizzes, Magoo turns up and thinks that Weasel has a new kitten. When Fizz goes missing, Magoo does everything he can to find his neighbor's kitty. / Magoo mistakes Fizz for billionaire Bruce Payne, aka the superhero, Ratman. When Ratman gets kidnapped by his mortal enemy, Bozo (in reality Weasel), Magoo turns into MegaMagoo!/ Weasel tends to Fizz's toothache but Magoo turns up, thinking he's busting into an animal-testing lab, where cruel experiments are being carried out on a rabbit (in reality Fizz). Magoo is determined to set the rabbit free.