• Mr. Magoo

    S1 E1 They Are Among US / Pinkbeard's Treasure / A Mountaineer Like No Other

    Busy observing the sky in search of UFOS, Magoo accidentally finds himself wandering over to Fizz's house. Thinking that the hamster is none other than an E.T., with plans to destroy earth, Magoo decides to save the planet. / Magoo, hunting for Pinkbeard's treasure, mistakes the park for an island. Fizz and Weasel are there, selling ice cream that never falls on the ground. Magoo messes up their plans, confusing Weasel for Pinkbeard and the icebox for treasure. / Magoo has decided to go mountain climbing but in reality, he is climbing up a skyscraper! He mixes Fizz up with a wounded bird and ruins his plan: make everyone think that he is a superhero by saving Weasel, who is about to "fall out of the building".

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Mr. Magoo
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Friendly and good-hearted, Mr Magoo is nonetheless a walking disaster! Because he doesn’t realize he needs glasses, he confuses everything and unknowingly foils the plans of Fizz, the megalomaniacal hamster.

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Mr. Magoo