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    Make It Pop

    S1 E1 Rumors and Roommates

    During their first week at prep school, pop diva wannabe Sun Hi and her fashioned-obsessed roommate Jodi want to learn the identity of their mysterious third roommate. Caleb, an aspiring DJ, causes problems for the residential advisor.

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Three teenage girls who don't appear to have much in common, other than going to the same school, come together to form a K-pop-inspired band in this musical comedy series. Diva Sun Hi, fashionista Jodi and bookworm Corki are randomly selected to room together at their boarding school. They soon go from being roommates to bandmates when they — with assistance from classmate and aspiring DJ Caleb — form musical group XO-IQ. The members must balance schoolwork and relationships as they continue to grow the band, eventually becoming a sensation throughout the school. Although the show's events are fictional, XO-IQ is a real band featuring the show's stars.
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Make It Pop