Season 3

Episode Guide

Madeline & The Treasure Hunt

S3 E1
Jul 10, 1995
The newspaper sponsors a treasure hunt leading to a chest full of money. The clues lead the group to famous Paris landmarks, where the girls lose valuable time when they stop to help people in trouble (like a little boy whose sailboat has blown away). When they reach the treasure chest, someone else has arrived there first. But the mayor is there to give Madeline and her group a medal to honor them for their good deeds. Not only are their pictures published in the newspaper, but Madeline et al become the subjects of a newsreel - shown in theaters all over Paris!

Madeline & The Lost Crown

S3 E2
Sep 08, 1995
Madeline convinces the young Prince of Monaco to remove his crown so he can spend an afternoon as an ordinary boy. But when the children return from the park, the priceless crown is missing. Using her superb detective skills, Madeline launches a citywide search that eventually implicates Pepito! But when Madeline discovers that the prince himself has hidden the crown, she devises an ingenious way for him to be a prince - and a child - at the same time.

Madeline & The Magic Carpet

S3 E3
Sep 16, 1995
Pepito becomes frustrated when an old lamp from the Embassy attic fails to produce a Genie, and he throws the lamp in the trash. That night a frayed old Magic Carpet comes to Madeline's window and asks her help in finding the discarded lamp, because it does indeed have a Genie inside. Madeline and Pepito embark on an adventurous search of Paris aboard the Magic Carpet and finally retrieve the lamp, reuniting the carpet and the Genie. The next morning when Pepito doesn't remember anything about their adventure, Madeline realizes it was only a dream. But if did the lamp end up under Madeline's bed?

Madeline & The Mummy

S3 E4
Sep 30, 1995
Madeline, the girls, Pepito, and his three naughty cousins go on a field trip to Egypt. Nicole becomes terrified when they experience a series of mishaps - from getting locked in the museum to getting caught in a desert dust storm on camelback. Then the group gets lost in the pyramids and encounters a mummy who speaks to them in an echoey voice and curses them with bad luck! But brave Madeline confronts the "mummy" and discovers that Pepito's mischievous little cousins were responsible for the curse.

Madeline & The Big Cheese

S3 E5
Oct 14, 1995
Lord Cucuface arrives at the Old House with a large chunk of prize-winning cheese (for fondue) and a new touring car. While Cucuface takes Miss Clavel for a calamitous driving lesson, the mice eat the cheese. The girls distract Lord Cucuface by putting him to sleep with a boring play, as Madeline and Pepito convince the reluctant Miss Clavel to take the car to replace the cheese before Lord Cucuface wakes up. The local cheese shop is out, so they end up searching for the cheese maker in the countryside where they get a flat tire, overheat, and run out of gas. In the end, they get towed back to town by the cheese maker's horse - just in time to prepare some delicious fondue before Lord Cucuface wake up.

Madeline's Detective School

S3 E6
Oct 21, 1995
To raise money to buy Miss Clavel a birthday present, Madeline starts a detective school. Meanwhile, Miss Clavel is receiving mysterious gifts of great value - jewels, a painting, etc. Inspector Moreau discovers they are stolen by the infamous cat burglar Le Chat and arrives to question Miss Clavel. Madeline and her students use their detective skills to apprehend Le Chat, who was once a reform student of Miss Clavel's and has been working at the Old House as a painter and gardener. The stolen items are returned, Le Chat is locked up and the girls discover that they do not need a lot of money to get Miss Clavel a present that she will always cherish.

Madeline & The Dinosaur Bone

S3 E7
Apr 06, 1997
Genevieve digs up a huge bone in the garden that turns out to be a fossilized stegosaurus' hip bone. The girls are thrilled with the discovery until the Old House becomes a dig site and is invaded by hordes of paleontologists and equipment. Calm is briefly restored after Miss Clavel convinces Lord Cucuface to donate the bone to a museum. But when Genevieve misses her beloved bone and runs away, it is up to Madeline to find her and to lure her back with something better.

Madeline & The Science Project

S3 E8
Jun 13, 1997
For their entry in the Science Exhibition, Madeline and the girls create a magnificent scale model of a hot air balloon. During the exhibition, Genevieve falls asleep in the balloon's basket and the balloon inadvertently takes off. With Genevieve floating over Paris, Madeline and Pepito enlist the aid of Professor Windbag, a hot air balloon "expert" who is more full of hot air than knowledge. Madeline and Pepito ascend with the professor in a real hot air balloon to search for Genevieve. The balloon almost crashes, but Madeline's common sense and scientific prowess save the day - and the dog!

Madeline & The Haunted Castle

S3 E9
Jun 16, 1997
The American child star Sugar Dimples becomes homesick when visiting Paris, and especially misses Halloween, which is not celebrated in France. At first Sugar Dimples does not appreciate the children's efforts to cheer her up, even when the girls and Pepito turn an abandoned castle into a haunted house. But when two "real" witches (who later turn out to be Miss Clavel and Sugar's mother) appear at the door, Sugar Dimples discovers the value of true friendship.

Madeline In The Wild West

S3 E10
Jun 17, 1997
When the girls go for pony rides in the park, Madeline's pony, Gallop, (the smallest) does all sorts of fancy tricks and finally takes off, trotting across Paris! Soon they are discovered by Buffalo Ben, who invites them to appear in his touring Wild West Show. Then it's on to the Rattlesnake Rodeo in America, but before Madeline gets a chance to compete, Lasso Louie, the notorious horse thief, captures Gallop. Pepito distracts the crowd with some impromptu bull riding as Madeline ingeniously captures Louie, then wins the rodeo - proving to the Sheriff that she is not too small to have big accomplishments. Madeline is heartbroken when she has to leave her horse behind, but is thrilled a month later, when Buffalo Ben brings Gallop (and some of his relatives) to visit her in Paris.

Madeline's Holiday With Mr. Grump

S3 E11
Jun 17, 1997
In the middle of the winter holiday season, Miss Clavel gets called away from the Old House to care for her ailing aunt. Lord Cucuface replaces her with Mr. Grump, who is more of a drill sergeant than headmaster. He serves military rations, orders the girls to stand inspection, discourages window shopping on the morning walk, and worst of all, takes down the holiday decorations and pulls the strings on a puppet show to raise funds for a needy neighbor. But after the girls run away, Mr. Grump has an encounter with Madeline that helps him have a change of heart. Soon the Old House is once again full of holiday spirit - as well as a fabulous party complete with puppet show, starring Madeline and Mr. Grump.

Madeline On The Orient Express

S3 E12
Sep 22, 1997
Madeline, Pepito and the girls take the famed Orient Express to Istanbul to compete in the International Spelling Bee. When a snake charmer on the train announces that his prize cobra is missing, Madeline and Pepito volunteer to search for the missing serpent (although the other girls refuse). After questioning many suspicious passengers, Madeline discovers that the snake has been stolen by the train's chef, who didn't quite understand one of the passenger's pronunciation when he ordered a delicious "snack".

Madeline & The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

S3 E13
Nov 06, 1997
After Miss Clavel inspires the girls to read more books, they decide to put on a presentation of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Pepito refuses to play the title role because he is embarrassed to portray an ugly, deformed character. In an attempt to change his mind, the group visits Notre Dame where a scary real-live hunchback swings down from the bell tower and carries off Miss Clavel! The "hunchback" turns out to be the dashing Gerard Dippity-doo, who is starring in a film version of the novel. Dippity-doo comes to the girls' performance, inspiring Pepito to show compassion for people with disabilities - and to play the role of the hunchback magnificently.