15 Biggest Surprises So Far In Madam Secretary


1. Madam Secretary's predecessor did not die by accident  and she chose to deal with the emotional consequences of finding out what happened.

2. Elizabeth surprised the King of Swaziland by remembering all his wives' names. Fun fact: Téa Leoni also remembered all the names and didn't read them off cue cards. 

3. Henry is a spy for the NSA.

4.  Matt confronted Daisy's fiancé Win, punched him in the face, and told him he loves Daisy.

5. Madam Secretary somehow managed to still spend time with her kids. 

6. Henry and Elizabeth still found time to be intimate.

7. Elizabeth went off-script to make an impassioned plea to the World Affairs Committee to help out  West Africa. 

8. ...and here were the faces of her staff during that speech.

9. Madam Secretary's blindside got a man to admit to purposfully making Vincent Marsh's plane crash. 

10. Flashbacks revealed Vincent Marsh's strategy to become president.

11. During a flashback, President Dalton revealed that he may know a thing or two about crashing planes. 

12.  Matt was spying on the former Secretary for the President. 

13.  After figuring out that the President wasn't Vincent Marsh's murderer, Elizabeth and Russell bitter rivals patched things up. 

14. Henry blew his NSA cover in public.

 15. Everytime Blake busted a witty line out of seemingly nowhere.