Season 2

Episode Guide

A Fight Worth Fighting

S2 E1
Jul 6, 2020
Jacob expands the Suge Knight legacy with a baby on the way! Friendships are tested when Taylor confronts Ajani about her affair with an engaged man. Zac struggles to find the right property for actress Vivica Fox and catches feels for an old flame.

Someone's a Liar

S2 E2
Jul 13, 2020
The group is torn apart when Ajani and Taylor get into it. Zac has reservations about dating Sam when he finds out she may have a boyfriend. With a new baby to support, Jacob must use his celeb music connections to secure the bag.

We Don't Do Sidepieces

S2 E3
Jul 20, 2020
Ajani's relationship is threatened when her boyfriend finds out some shocking info. Tensions rise when Taylor crashes the group's Palm Springs getaway. Zac and Sam reignite old flames. Will this be a peaceful weekend getaway or weekend of blowups?

New House, New Energy

S2 E4
Jul 27, 2020
Sparks fly when Taylor confronts the group during their Palm Springs getaway. The night turns hot and heavy for Zac and Sam. Jacob turns up and makes a shocking suggestion. But it's Andrew's impending arrival that causes Ajani to break down.

I Have a Secret on You

S2 E5
Aug 3, 2020
Andrew tries to get back in the group's good graces while messing with Ajani's head. And with everyone partying their cares away, secrets are revealed that could leave the group without much-needed closure and threaten their relationships back home.

Entanglements and Relationships

S2 E6
Aug 10, 2020
Emotionally devastated Sam confides in friend JuJu about her struggles with Zac, but Andrew throws a wrench in the relationship. Jacob considers breaking up with Angie, while Taylor breaks down. NLE Choppa gets a real estate reality check.

Turn Down Taylor

S2 E7
Aug 17, 2020
Jacob is distraught when he's separated from his daughter. Taylor confronts her former friends. Ajani tries to get her mojo back with client Loni Love. Fatboy and MrRJLA make the agents step up their game for their music videos.

Life Rights and Tense Nights

S2 E8
Aug 24, 2020
A Nick Young celebration turns to a night of confrontations. Tensions flare when Zac moves on with a new lady. Jacob has a bone to pick with an old boss. Taylor ignites some sparks with an old flame.

He Totally Cheated Again

S2 E9
Aug 31, 2020
Taylor struggles to find Ashanti her LA dream home and is forced to partner with an old nemesis. Sam reveals some painful family secrets and owns up to her mistakes with Zac. Cheating rumors resurface about Andrew.

My Side Piece Knew I Had a Main Chick

S2 E10
Aug 31, 2020
Jacob tries to secure a huge business deal that could leave his family set for life. Taylor is at a crossroads with her old flame. Zac makes a final decision about Sam. The pressure is on with Taylor and Ajani's life-changing career moves.