How to Watch Love Island Paramount+ Exclusives

Things are heating up this summer! Here's how you can stream Love Island: Uncensored exclusives on Paramount+.
Posted on Aug 2, 2021 | 09:00am
This season of Love Island has already featured plenty of drama, breakups, challenges and steamy makeout sessions.

Believe it or not, there is extra content you haven’t even seen yet that is WAY too hot for TV.

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Warning: This uncensored content is 🔥.

Not sure how to catch up on the sizzling moments you didn’t see on television? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re breaking down the steamy Love Island exclusives you can stream with your Paramount+ subscription. Keep reading to make sure you never miss a moment!

Too Spicy for TV Exclusive Episodes

If you're missing a new episode of Love Island on Mondays, Paramount+ has the hookup! You can stream a new, exclusive episode too spicy to air on television every Monday on Paramount+. You won’t find these exclusive episodes airing on television. These special, steamy episodes are only available for Paramount+ subscribers... and they are so, SO worth it.

Want to see Cinco twerking up on the Islander he fancies the most? Or Gabe sharing some whipped cream without using his hands? You’ll want to crank up your A/C this summer while streaming these spicy exclusive episodes.

Watch the latest Too Spicy for TV Exclusive Episode here.

Love Island: The Drop

Love Island: The Drop is another Paramount+ exclusive that features a deeper, unfiltered look at special events happening in the Villa. Fans can get an inside look at the dressing rooms, dates from Casa Amor and the Villa, flirty challenges and more.

Pop some bubbly and see sparks fly by getting a longer, inside look at the Islanders' romantic dates. You can spend even more time with your favorite couples and sassy singles by watching Love Island: The Drop every week.

Watch the latest Love Island: The Drop episode here.

Love Island: Laid Bare

Every Friday, reality TV fans can watch Love Island: Laid Bare only on Paramount+. This one-hour intimate look at the show is not to be missed.

Check out never-before-seen moments with Shannon during the Whistleblower challenge, a heart-to-heart between Javonny and Cashay, and extra exclusive highlights from your favorite Love Island games that were too hot for TV.

Watch the latest Love Island: Laid Bare episode here.

You can navigate to all of this exclusive Love Island bonus footage by heading to the Love Island homepage or the Love Island video page to get started.

Don’t forget: You can catch up on every episode, every season, and every Love Island exclusive with your Paramount+ subscription. Start streaming now!