Live-Action The Loud House Christmas Movie Coming To Paramount+

Throw on your ugly sweaters and crank up the heat because it's the holiday season for the Loud family.
Posted on Oct 18, 2021 | 12:00pm
Just in time for the holidays, The Loud House is getting real with its first original live-action TV movie, A Loud House Christmas, premiering Friday, Nov. 26 on Paramount+
With such a large family, the holidays are sure to be a busy (and fun) time. But when Lincoln Loud (Wolfgang Schaeffer) finds out most of his sisters have plans to be elsewhere for Christmas, he enlists the help of his best friend, Clyde McBride (Jahzir Bruno), to ensure that the entire Loud family celebrates the holidays together. Explore the town of Royal Woods in real life for the first time this holiday season and watch Lincoln and Clyde embark on a mission to preserve the family's holiday traditions. 
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Playing the real-life versions of the beloved Loud family are:

- Brian Stepanek (Lynn Loud Sr.)
- Muretta Moss (Rita Loud)
- Lexi DiBenedetto (Lori Loud)
- Dora Dolphin (Leni Loud)
- Sophia Woodward (Luna Loud)
- Catherine Ashmore Bradley (Luan Loud)
- Morgan McGill (Lynn Loud)
- Aubin Bradley (Lucy Loud)
- Ella Allan (Lola Loud)
- Mia Allan (Lana Loud)
- Lexi Janicek (Lisa Loud)
- Charlotte Ann Tucker (Lily Loud)
Want to know more about the animated version of The Loud House? The show centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters as he gives an inside look at what it takes to survive the chaos of a huge family. You can stream every episode of The Loud House in preparation for the Louds' festive live-action debut on Paramount+.
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A Loud House Christmas arrives in a one-horse open sleigh on Friday, Nov. 26 on Paramount+