Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Lemurs of Anja Mountain

S1 E1
Jan 07, 2016
Meet a unique troop of ring-tailed lemurs who've adapted to harsh conditions near the granite, windswept domes of Anja Mountain on Madagascar. Join them for their daily trek in search for food, as they navigate rocky challenges and evade the island's ever-present dangers.

Lemurs of Madagascar

S1 E2
Jan 14, 2016
There are over 100 types of lemur, more than a fifth of all known primate species--and all of them live in just one place: Madagascar. Enter the world of these exotic creatures and discover the amazing adaptations they've developed to make the most of their remote island habitat.

Wanderers of the Lost Forest

S1 E3
Jan 28, 2016
For two of South Africa's most charming inhabitants, the Cape parrot and the Samango monkey, home is the Afromontane--mountain forests that contain some of the rarest vegetation in the world and cover only .5% of the country. Follow their daily quest for survival in a rapidly vanishing environment.

Baboons of Bambelela

S1 E4
Mar 17, 2016
In the heart of South Africa under the shadow of the Waterberg lives a troop of chacma baboons led by a dominant alpha male. Explore their challenges, from raising young and searching for food to dealing with the threat of a vicious rival clan.

The Geladas of Ethiopia

S1 E5
May 26, 2016
If you want to see the fascinating geladas in their natural habitat, there's only one place on Earth you can: the Semien region of Ethiopia. Follow this absorbing band of mountain primates as they face the challenges of their rocky habitat and negotiate the complex dynamics of their close-knit group.

Baboon Lagoon

S1 E6
Jun 22, 2016
Join a troop of 24 chacma baboons who live by a shimmering saltwater lagoon in the southern tip of South Africa's De Hoop Nature Reserve. Led by a dominant alpha male, they sleep on nearby cliffs, forage through fynbos plains, and raise their babies. It's a successful strategy for these adaptable primates, built around food, family, and social hierarchy.

Africa's Baboons

S1 E7
Aug 25, 2016
There are five species of baboons in Africa, and despite profound differences in appearance, they are genetically similar enough for interbreeding to happen. From chacmas living in urban environments to mountain dwelling geladas, baboons are a fascinating case study in adaptation.

Zanzibar's Poison Monkey

S1 E8
Mar 19, 2017
In Zanzibar, the colobus monkey is known in Swahili as the "poison monkey," an unearned reputation that's seen them hunted to the point of endangerment. Follow the adventures of one baby colobus separated from his family, as he navigates the perils and predators of this verdant island paradise.