• Inspector Gadget's Field Trip

    S1 E4 Egypt // China

    In Egypt, the Inspector explores the ancient Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, home to the tombs of famous pharaohs. The Inspector gazes at Tut's golden death mask at the Egyptian Antiquities Museum and learns of Queen Hatshepsut and Queen Cleopatra. // In China, Gadget watches the raising of the flag at Tian An Men Square and wanders through the Forbidden City, exploring such sites as the Imperial Palace, the Gate of Supreme Harmony, and the Bridge of the Golden Water.

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Inspector Gadget's Field Trip
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Presented as a video field trip and utilizing live-action geographical footage, children’s outings are no longer confined to the local library or fire station.  Courtesy of Inspector Gadget and his "Gadget-Guided" international tour, kids can now visit such faraway places as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal or the NASA Space Center. Already enamored with the humorous Inspector Gadget, learning will be fun while children expand their geography and knowledge of foreign lands.
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Inspector Gadget's Field Trip