Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode Guide

New Beginnings

S2 E1
Apr 6, 2021
From Queen Elizabeth I's prison stint to Elizabeth II's 93rd birthday, witness history--past and present--at the Tower.

A Remembrance

S2 E2
Apr 13, 2021
From the daily opening ceremony to the Governor's farewell celebration, there's lots of comings and goings at the Tower.

Royal Riches

S2 E3
Apr 20, 2021
Join the hunt for the last surviving dress of Queen Elizabeth I and the search for a glove thief hiding in the Tower.


S2 E4
Apr 27, 2021
From Henry VIII's brutal acts to the torture of priest John Gerard, see how the Tower earned its notorious reputation.

Lady Jane Grey

S2 E5
May 4, 2021
Discover the extraordinary story of how the teenage queen Lady Jane Grey became a Tower prisoner in the 1550s.

Henry's Wives

S2 E6
May 11, 2021
Join us on a hunt from the Tower to Hampton Court to learn more about the lost palace Henry VIII built for Anne Boleyn.

The Navy is Coming

S2 E7
May 18, 2021
Witness an ancient Tower tradition as the HMS Enterprise comes to pay its dues for visiting the port of London.

Life Inside

S2 E8
May 25, 2021
From the 1666 Great Fire of London to today's Yeoman Warder community, witness life at the Tower, past and present.