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    S1 E1 Royal Secrets

    Abandoned by Queen Victoria after her husband's death. Reinvented as the perfect royal stage by King Edward VII. Occupied by King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth while being bombed by the Nazis. The history of Buckingham Palace in the decades before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is full of drama and surprising secrets, many of which nearly derailed the British monarchy. Join us as we reveal the scandals and tragedies of Buckingham Palace and meet the kings and queens who shaped its unique history.

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Inside Buckingham Palace
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Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, an arena for national celebration, and a symbol of Britain. It is also a closed and secretive place, and has been the scene of scandals, infighting, and tragedies that often threatened to bring the British monarchy to its knees. These are the dramatic stories that took place behind the imposing walls of this royal household, from Queen Victoria's abandonment of the Palace to George VI's defiant stance against Hitler to Queen Elizabeth II's tumultuous 60-plus year reign.
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Inside Buckingham Palace