Season 2

Episode Guide

You Would Bang Her?

S2 E1
Mar 31, 2014
A focus group of guys weighs in on the show, God helps Amy through a herpes scare, and a new secretary struggles to keep people from barging into her boss's office.

I'm So Bad

S2 E2
Apr 07, 2014
Amy promotes a spicy new snack for teens, shares binge-eating shame stories with her friends and tries to have pity sex with a prom loser.

A Chick Who Can Hang

S2 E3
Apr 14, 2014
Amy gets in touch with her masculine side, has a meltdown while on the phone with the cable company and interviews a former phone sex operator.

Boner Doctor

S2 E4
Apr 21, 2014
Amy checks into an extremely temperamental hotel, goes to a couples counseling session led by Chrissy Teigen and shops for her future body.

Allergic to Nuts

S2 E5
Apr 28, 2014
Amy lands a gig as the voice of Frumpy the Dumpy Meerkat, gets serious about her nut allergy and sleeps with a magician.

Down for Whatever

S2 E6
May 05, 2014
Amy encounters supernatural forces in her hotel, causes a drunken scene at a wedding and has her dream breakup come true.

Slow Your Roll

S2 E7
May 12, 2014
Amy consults a celebrity nutritionist, feels uncomfortable about her new boyfriend's collection of inkblot tests and sells glasses to serial killers.

Tyler Perry's Episode

S2 E8
May 19, 2014
Amy debates which movie to watch with her boyfriend, promotes a gel that helps with low estrogen levels and interviews a former flight attendant.

Raise a Glass

S2 E9
May 26, 2014
Amy competes in a drunk cooking competition, holds a press conference to address a disastrous bachelorette party and delivers an obnoxious wedding toast.


S2 E10
Jun 02, 2014
Amy prepares to have sex, appears as a contestant on "Who's More Over Their Ex?" and holds a press conference to address allegations of misconduct.