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    How to Rock

    S1 E1 How to Rock Braces and Glasses

    After a fall from grace, the perfect and popular Kacey Simon forges an unlikely friendship with the band Gravity 5. As their new lead singer, she ignites a musical rivalry between her new band and her old band, The Perfs.

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How to Rock
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Kacey Simon is a once-popular "mean girl" who has fallen out of favor with the "in" crowd, known as the Perfs, after she starts wearing eyeglasses and braces. After her fallout with the Perfs, Kacey forges unlikely friendships with members of the band Gravity 5 and becomes the group's lead singer, bringing the band's musical success to new heights. Kacey also begins a musical rivalry between Gravity 5 and the Perfs, including her former best friends Molly and Grace. In addition to her new musical endeavor, Kacey navigates through high school social circles and learns how to rock her "real" self.
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How to Rock