Season 1

Episode Guide

House of Secrets

S1 E1
Jan 01, 2011
New student Nina, arrives from America at Anubis House - a spooky old boarding house at the school that is to be her home for the next few years. She meets her housemates and tries her best to settle in, but one of the students, Joy, has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Nina in the firing line from her suspicious new roomie Patricia.

House of Locks & House of Eyes

S1 E2
Jan 01, 2011
Whilst hiding from Victor, Nina accidentally opens a secret panel in the attic with her pendant and sees a pair of eyes looking out at her!/Patricia persuades Mara to help her steal Joy's file from Mr Sweet's office, instigating a bag search by Victor, meanwhile Jerome sets up a phony date between Alfie and Amber, in which amber expects to be met by Mick.

House of Agendas & House of Keys

S1 E3
Jan 01, 2011
Patricia reports Joy as a missing person to the police. Jerome stirs things even more between Amber, Alfie and Mick. Nina and Fabian go to visit Sarah at the old people's home. /After looking up the hieroglyphic symbols from the back of the old painting, Fabian and Nina manage to crack the code leading them to the staircase where they break open the 8th step to find the next clue.

House of Discovery & House of Hyper

S1 E4
Jan 09, 2011
Victor rigs a feather in the attic door and when Nina and Fabian sneak up and find some strange wax cylinders, Victor knows that someone has been up there. Amber blows up with jealousy over Mara and Mick's friendship.

House of Cheats & House of Rumors

S1 E5
Jan 10, 2011
Nina and Fabian sneak back into the attic to listen to the cylinders but it makes a loud screeching sound and they have to abandon their plans. Patricia sees someone hanging around on the school grounds and is freaked out, thinking it's a ghost.

House of Intruders & House of Proof

S1 E6
Jan 11, 2011
Mick finds out Mara cheated for him and falls out with her. Amber discovers a secret message written behind the wallpaper./Amber and Nina go to the old people's home to visit Sarah and confirm that she is the girl from the recordings.

House of Confrontation & House of Alarms

S1 E7
Jan 12, 2011
Patricia meets her "ghost" again in the woods, but this time they talk and he tells her he is actually a private investigator and he'll help her find Joy. Jason's investigations lead him to a meeting with Victor and emerges a changed man./Patricia meets with Rufus in the woods to discuss his plans for finding Joy - she must look out for the Eye Of Horus.

House of Flames & House of Passages

S1 E8
Jan 13, 2011
Patricia spots Nina's necklace and recognizes it as the Eye of Horus. The gang opens the next puzzle piece to reveal the second riddle./The teachers confiscate Patricia's phone and find out she's been in contact with Rufus Zeno - a man known to them as "The Betrayer".

House of Kidnap & House of Cat-Nap

S1 E9
Jan 17, 2011
The gang finds a black cat which has escaped from the cellar. Amber takes the day off school to look after it but it disappears when she's asleep./The gang lets Patricia in on the secret, and debates the possibility that Victor might be drinking an elixir of life.

House of Cameras & House of Numbers

S1 E10
Jan 18, 2011
With Trudy gone, Victor installs security cameras to spy on the kids. Nina finds an article on Tutankhamen's treasure and the original owners of Anubis House, who were implicated in stealing something from his tomb that was never found.../After pressure from Mick's Dad, Victor is forced to remove the cameras and re-instate Trudy.

House of Scares & House of Fakers

S1 E11
Jan 19, 2011
The security cameras are removed and Trudy returns to the house. The gang goes back down to the cellar to find proof of the elixir, and comes face to face with something terrifying.../Alfie and Jerome admit that they were the "zombies" down in the cellar.

House of Identity & House of Emergency

S1 E12
Jan 20, 2011
Alfie gets trapped in the cellar whilst going back to retrieve his zombie mask./Jerome enlists Fabian's help to rescue a shaken and traumatized Alfie from the cellar. The next day he hyperventilates whilst trying to remember what happened and Nina accidentally gives him the concoction from the cellar to drink.

House of Reunion & House of Memories

S1 E13
Jan 23, 2011
Victor announces that Alfie drank cleaning fluid. Nina is trying to distance herself from the gang but still can't help solving the latest riddle leading them to an old "beleathered and clasped" dictionary which can only be opened with her locket./Patricia rescues Rufus from the hospital and hides him in the woods where he meets the others and warns Nina to give the locket back to Sarah.

House of Drama & House of Codes

S1 E14
Jan 24, 2011
After reading a book given to them by Fabian's Uncle Ade, the gang works out they could be searching for the Cup of Ankh, and they plot to steal the puzzle piece from Victor's safe. Then, during the opening scene of the school play, Patricia spots Joy in the audience.../Patricia manages to decode her unusual good luck card - a secret message from Joy arranging to meet after the play.

House of Risk & House of Thieves

S1 E15
Jan 25, 2011
Nina manages to rescue the puzzle piece, plus the 5th piece she found in Victor's safe, and return to the play just in time. Patricia warns Joy to flee but Victor and the teachers manage to catch her./When Joy doesn't show for her meeting with Patricia, Rufus becomes angry, locks Patricia in the car and kidnaps her...

House of Hazard & House of Charades

S1 E16
Jan 26, 2011
Having kidnapped Patricia, Rufus attempts to blackmail Mr Sweet and the Society./Nina and Amber follow the clue on Joy's good luck card, spot Rufus's van in the clearing and follow its oil leak to the warehouse where Patricia is being kept prisoner...

House of Rendezvous & House of Rescue

S1 E17
Jan 30, 2011
Fabian manages to track Nina and Amber to the warehouse and rescue them. The gang goes to find Mrs Andrews and confront her, but she is already on her way to meet Rufus./The gang manages to rescue Patricia but Rufus drives off and escapes. They give Mrs Andrews an ultimatum to give them some answers within the next twenty four hours.

House of Arrest & House of Hoax

S1 E18
Jan 31, 2011
The toxicology report arrives from the hospital - Nina and Fabian sneak into Victor's office to read it, revealing it to be an innocent concoction mainly of water./Fabian confides to Nina that he lost one of the puzzle pieces, luckily Patricia finds out that Alfie has it and manages to rescue it. After an Egyptology lesson, Nina begins to think the numbers in her dream may be numerology numbers.

House of Time & House of Aliens

S1 E19
Feb 01, 2011
The latest riddle leads them to the grandfather clock, but when they open it it's empty. Has the next puzzle piece already been taken? Alfie is still fishing around so the gang tells him he was right all along about aliens./Alfie attacks Mrs Andrews, believing her to be an alien, forcing Fabian and Patricia to tell him the truth about the puzzle pieces and their quest for the treasure.

House of Masks & House of Pursuit

S1 E20
Feb 02, 2011
The gang decide to return to the cellar to collect a sample of the elixir, with Alfie insisting that he should go alone to prove himself. Whilst down there, he has a terrifying flashback to the night he was trapped.../Victor is suspicious when he discovers the gang were helped in their school play research by a woman called Sarah.

House of Yesterday & House of Victory

S1 E21
Feb 03, 2011
Victor arranges for Sarah to visit the house where we find out about their childhood together. Nina finds Sarah's scarf and realizes she has visited Anubis House. That night Sarah comes to her in a dream and says goodbye.../Trudy brings the news that Sarah has died. Nina is devastated and goes to the care home where Mrs Mulligan gives her a box of Sarah's belongings.

House of Bribes & House of Venom

S1 E22
Feb 13, 2011
Mara is furious that Mick cheated for her in the school elections. Nina attends Sarah's funeral then witnesses a confrontation between Rufus and Victor at the care home. She hears them mention Joy being the Chosen One before they realize that she has been eavesdropping./Victor tries to find out how much Nina knows, but she is giving nothing away.

House of the Stars & House of Harsh

S1 E23
Feb 14, 2011
It's Nina's unlucky day when Victor padlocks the attic door to stop her going up there again. Now she can't get to the puzzle pieces! She doesn't even know the worst part yet - Jerome has contacted Rufus and is now spying on the Sibuna gang for him.../The Sibunas plan to go down into the cellar, to collect some of the elixir and try to crack the latest clue.

House of Lights & House of Allegiance

S1 E24
Feb 15, 2011
Jerome poses as Alfie's savior after his failed cellar mission. He demands that Alfie repays him by secretly passing him information on the Sibuna Club./Mara and Mick finally kiss and make up. Alfie and Jerome fall out when Jerome accidentally reveals that he is working for Rufus. Fabian and Nina near the end of their search but still have one more place to look for the last puzzle piece.

House of Pests & House of Betrayal

S1 E25
Feb 16, 2011
Victor plants an "infestation" of mice in the house as an excuse to keep the children away overnight. The gang devises a plan to interrupt Victor's search and get him out of Anubis House so they can grab the puzzle pieces, but is it too late?/Victor finds the elixir, photograph and cylinders, though the Sibuna gang manages to rescue the puzzle pieces just in time.

House of Revelation & House of Heavy

S1 E26
Feb 17, 2011
Jerome gives Rufus Alfie's puzzle piece much to the dismay of Alfie. Meanwhile Fabian works out that the puzzle pieces may actually be the seven pieces of the Cup of Ankh. But how can they put the Cup together when Alfie's piece of it is missing?/Nina hatches a plan to bring Rufus to Anubis House and trick him into bringing the missing puzzle piece.

House of Forever

S1 E27
Feb 18, 2011
Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?