Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Traumatized and Dramatized

S1 E1
Aug 18, 2021
Dr. Phil visits a family in Utah where one teenaged daughter hasn't spoken to her father in several years, despite living under the same roof. Her desperate mother reaches out to Dr. Phil to bring their family back together.

Shake it Up to Break it Up

S1 E2
Aug 25, 2021
Dr. Phil visits a family in San Jose that has been torn apart of the tragic death of their son.

Check the Badge at the Door

S1 E3
Sep 01, 2021
Two teenaged sons reach out to Dr. Phil for help to get out of the middle of their divorced parents' toxic relationship.

Are You A Narcissist?

S1 E4
Sep 08, 2021
Dr. Phil visits a complex blended family in Colorado whose members all work together at the same furniture shop.

Marriage Isn't 50/50 It's 100/100

S1 E5
Sep 15, 2021
Dr. Phil visits an Atlanta couple that's on the brink of divorce and attempts to save their 17-year marriage.

Grow Up and Get Out

S1 E6
Sep 15, 2021
Dr. Phil visits a San Francisco family that previously appeared on "The Dr. Phil Show," but have failed to change the unhealthy codependent relationship between the mother and her two adult sons.