What's Inside The 2017 Hawaii Five-0 VIP Gift Bags?

Take a look at this year's Sunset On The Beach goodies!
Posted on Nov 13, 2017 | 12:00pm
Hawaii Five-0's annual Sunset on the Beach marks two very special events: a Hawaii Five-0 exclusive private episode screening and a party featuring fabulous gifts from your favorite brands.

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Among those participating in 2017 are Microsoft, The Aloha Collection, Kai Fragrance, Malie Organics, KonaRed, The Kauai Coffee Company, The Honolulu Cookie Company, John Paul Mitchell Systems, The Dancing Wick Candle Company, Hilton, Sea Spa Hawaii, Scott Hawaii, Maui Soap Company, Nanogram, SECURA, Clubman Pinaud, Lulu & Max Loose Tea, Rifle Paper Co., and Slowtide.

Check out their websites and social media accounts below for a sneak peek at what might be in those bags!

Website: Microsoft.com
Instagram: @Microsoft
Facebook: Microsoft
Twitter: @Microsoft

Aloha Collection
Website: Aloha-collection.com
Instagram: @Alohacollection
Facebook: Alohacollectionca
Twitter: @Aloha_ca_hi

Kai Fragrance
Website: KaiFragrance.com
Instagram: @KaiFragrance
Facebook: KaiFragrance
Twitter: @KaiFragrance

Malie Organics 
Website: Malie.com
Instagram: @Malieorganics
Facebook: Mali.organics.beauty
Twitter: @Malieorganics

Website: Konared.com
Instagram: @KonaRed
Facebook: KonaRed
Twitter: @KonaRed

Kauai Coffee Company
Website: Kauaicoffee.com
Instagram: @Kauaicoffeeco
Facebook: Kauaicoffeeco

Honolulu Cookie Company
Website: Honolulucookie.com
Instagram: @Honolulucookiecompany
Facebook: Honolulucookie
Twitter: @HonoluluCookie

John Paul Mitchell Systems
Website: PaulMitchell.com
Instagram: @PaulMitchellUS
Facebook: John-Paul-Mitchell-System
Twitter: @PaulMitchellUS

The Dancing Wick Candle Company
Website: Dancingwick.com
Instagram: @Thedancingwick
Facebook: TheDancingWickCandleCompany

Website: HiltonHawaiianVillage.com
Instagram: @HiltonHawaiianVillage
Facebook: HiltonHawaiianVillage
Twitter: @HawaiianVillage

Sea Spa
Website: SeaSpaHawaii.com
Instagram: @SeaSpaHawaii
Facebook: SeaSpaHawaii

Scott Hawaii
Website: ScottHawaii.com
Instagram: @ScottHawaii
Facebook: ScottHawaii1932
Twitter: @ScottHawaii

Maui Soap Company
Website: MauiBath.com
Instagram: @MauiSoap
Facebook: MauiSoapCo
Twitter: @MauiSoap

Nanogram Store
Website: Nanogram.co
Instagram: @NanogramStudio
Facebook: NanogramStore
Twitter: @NanogramStudio

Website: TheSecura.com

Clubman Pinaud
Website: ClubmanOnline.com
Instagram: @ClubmanPinaud
Facebook: ClubmanGrooming
Twitter: @ClubmanOnline

Lulu & Max Loose Tea
Website: Luluandmax.com
Instagram: @LuluandMax
Facebook: LuluNMax
Twitter: @LuluNMax

Rifle Paper Co.
Website: RiflePaperCo.com
Instagram: @RiflePaperCo
Facebook: RiflePaperCo
Twitter: @RiflePaperCo

Website: SlowtideCo.com
Instagram: @Slowtide
Facebook: SlowtideCo
Twitter: @SlowtideCo

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