Daniel Dae Kim Picks His Top 10 Hawaii Five-0 Episodes

The actor, known for playing Chin Ho Kelly, shares ten great episodes for you to watch
Posted on May 31, 2016 | 08:40am
After six seasons and 143 episodes of Hawaii Five-0, Daniel Dae Kim has spent a lot of time gracing our screens as Detective Chin Ho Kelly. We asked the actor to rank his favorite episodes and explain why they mean so much to him.

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Number 1: "Ho'onani Makuakane" (Episode 10, Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0)
The memorable Pearl Harbor episode.

Daniel: "This one is the top for me because I think TV is at its best when it can educate, as well as entertain. This story in particular is one that I'm proud to be a part of, especially given the controversy surrounding the subject of immigrants and discrimination in our national discourse recently."


Number 2: "Kuka'awale" (Episode 17, Season 5 of Hawaii Five-0)
Directed by Daniel Dae Kim and features the longest car-guement in show history.

Daniel: "It was so much fun (and hard work!) to direct I have to put this one right near the top. I'm still grateful for the opportunity and would love to do it again sometime."


Number 3: "Ua Hala" (Episode 23, Season 2 of Hawaii Five-0)
The Season 2 finale where Chin is forced to pick between his wife and his cousin.

Daniel: "I loved this episode because it was when the show was new and we were all discovering who Chin Ho really is. To see him in a crisis with the highest stakes as part of the season finale was special and so much fun as an actor to play."


Number 4: "Hana Lokomaika’i" (Episode 13, Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0)
Chin Ho is put under a microscope when Internal Affairs launches an investigation into his ties to Gabriel Waincroft. 

Daniel: "I loved this episode because in a show that features so much action and crime solving, it was nice to sit and have some straight up 'mano a mano' acting scenes. The writing was top notch and Robert Knepper was a fantastic scene partner. It felt like we were playing a chess match with our intentions and I distinctly remember leaving set on those days feeling very creatively satisfied."


Number 5: "Olelo Ho'opa'i Make" (Episode 13, Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0)
Chin goes to jail and works with Sang Min to escape.

Daniel: "I loved this episode because it was so great to work with Will Yun Lee and Jason Scott Lee. They’re both good friends and we laughed the whole time together. Not to mention that we had a great storyline to work with that showcased the talents of two fantastic actors."


Number 6: "Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi" (Episode 1, Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0)
Henry Ian Cusick, close friend and fellow Lost alum, guest stars.

Daniel: "Have to put this one in there because anytime I got to work with a Lost alum it’s a treat, and this episode featured two of them at once."


Number 7: "Piko Pau 'iole  (Episode 8, Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0)
The first episode featuring guest star Julie Benz as Abby Dunn.

Daniel: "Julie's been a great addition to the show, with on camera and off. Happy she's here."


Number 8: "Kahu" (Episode 11, Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0)
George Takei guest stars as Chin's uncle.

Daniel: "LOVE Mr. Takei and was so happy to get to work with him."



Number 9: "La O Na Makuahine" (Episode 1, Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0)
Chin seeks revenge for his wife's death by going after corrupt ex-cop Frank Delano.

Daniel: "This was the first time we saw how far Chin Ho was willing to go to avenge his family. It was dark, yet revealing."


Number 10: "Hoa 'inea" (Episode 14, Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0)
Chin in a towel—need we say more?

Daniel: "Um, let’s just say that the embarrassment you see in that scene isn’t really acting. But so much fun to see Chin in a different light!"