• George of the Jungle

    S1 E1 Bringing Silverback / Of Botflies and Men

    Ape has never been a great ape - especially compared to his show-off big brother Ted. So when the family Silverback is up for grabs, Ape puts everything on the line to prove that he's as ape as any gorilla in the jungle. / Olaf has been in George's for as long as he can remember. It's like any other deep, meaningful friendship...except for the tiny detail that Olaf is a botfly living in George's skin. When Olaf gets eaten, George learns that he can't run from his feelings - and that eagles are jerks.

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George of the Jungle
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The children of today need a hero to look up to. Instead, let's give them: George of the Jungle. George lives in -- and protects -- the jungle of Mbebwe, a wild playland loaded with exotic animals and villains that are always more funny than scary. George is strong, swift, and he can't even spell the word fear.
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George of the Jungle