Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Dan and Christene Reynolds

S1 E1
May 05, 2021
Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, was raised by his devout "super-mom," Christene, in the Mormon community. We meet Dan's eight siblings one of whom is now his attorney, and another his manager.

Pharrell and Carolyn Williams

S1 E2
May 12, 2021
Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl, both scared of disappointing their public school teacher mothers, started music careers in small hometowns in Virginia, unlikely launchpads for international rockstars.

Miranda and Bev Lambert

S1 E3
May 19, 2021
Miranda Lambert grew up in small-town Texas under the watchful eyes of two private investigator parents, sometimes even helping them solve cases. But when she decided to pursue a career inmusic, her mom and dad dedicated themselves to her career.

Brandi and Teresa Carlile

S1 E4
May 26, 2021
Brandi Carlile, once a tomboy kid who didn't fit in, has become a successful, Grammy Award winning, openly gay singer-songwriter. After we learn about the profound musical influence her family had on Brandi, she and Teresa open up to Dave and Ginny.

Tom and Mary Morello

S1 E5
Jun 02, 2021
Tom Morello, a musician and political activist known for his tenure with the bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, grew up as the only black kid in an all-white Midwest suburb. By his side was his single white mother, Mary Morello.

Geddy Lee and Mary Weinrib

S1 E6
Jun 09, 2021
Behind famous Rush frontman Geddy Lee is the riveting story of his 95-year-old mother, Mary Weinrib, a Holocaust survivor from Poland. Dave Grohl, a life-long fan of Rush, gets Geddy to open up about how his mother's tale of resilience.