Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Stand Your Ground

S1 E1
Mar 09, 2019
After yet another tragic killing of an unarmed Black person in Florida, activists battle tochange the controversial Stand Your Ground law.

Cash Bail

S1 E2
Mar 16, 2019
Named after a debtors' prison and run like a vestige of slavery-era Missouri, the St. Louis jail known as the Workhouse has become the focal point for St. Louis activists. The Bail Project and ArchCity Defenders fight to shut down the Workhouse, free the innocent people trapped inside and end cash bail.

Voter Suppression

S1 E3
Mar 23, 2019
Against the backdrop of a too-close-to-call election that could seat Stacy Abrams as America's first Black female governor, activists, journalists, and church leaders battle voter suppression tactics in Georgia and send the reverberations of the fight for political power across the nation.

Criminalization of Kids

S1 E4
Mar 30, 2019
In Los Angeles, home to the nation's largest, most militarized school police department, the community is on the brink of taking a stand against the criminalization of kids. With the future of generations of Black and Brown children hanging in the balance, parents, teachers and student activists join forces to take on the Los Angeles Unified School District and end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Police Brutality

S1 E5
Apr 06, 2019
As activists from across the Twin Cities unite to fight against police brutality, the first Black Police Chief in the history of Minneapolis pushes to reform his department in the wake of senseless police killings and city-wide scandal.

The Lead Paint Crisis

S1 E6
Apr 13, 2019
To end the national silence over the lead crisis afflicting low-income communities of color, Michael K. Williams joins forces with Baltimore activists, scientists, and lead exposure survivors to show the devastating effects of lead poisoning, and takes the fight all the way to Washington D.C.