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Season 1

Episode Guide

Prelude to War

S1 E1
Apr 16, 2018
It was just months before the Battle of Hastings. England's King Edward the Confessor was dead. With no heir to the throne, Edward's right-hand man, Earl Harold, Duke William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada, the Viking King of Norway, made plans to take the crown. Join us as we travel Europe to shed light on the fight for England, a fight that changed the world. It's a story of broken promises, bitter family betrayals, and kingdoms run through intimidation and terror.

England Under Attack

S1 E2
Apr 23, 2018
Before the epic Battle of Hastings, two other invasions in 1066 rock England. The attacks force its new king, Harold Godwinson, to risk his life defending his crown against Viking king Harald Hardrada of Norway and Duke William of Normandy. Join host Dan Snow as he travels Europe to explore medieval battle sites, comb through extraordinary manuscripts, and meet with historians to uncover new insights into this enigmatic period in our history.

The Battle of Hastings

S1 E3
Apr 30, 2018
After a year of political scheming, sibling rivalries, and violent invasions, the fate of England comes down to two warlords: the reigning King Harold and Duke William of Normandy. The battle for the crown will be settled in a single day at the Battle of Hastings. This is the unprecedented account, supported by expert analysis and ancient manuscripts, of the battle that massively transformed Europe and the world.