Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Feb 15, 2000
Spend time with Pink in the studio with Redman, at her Stuff magazine photo shoot, and at home with her mom in Philadelphia.

Alicia Keys

S1 E2
Feb 15, 2000
Follow Alicia as she takes the stage in concert in LA and goes to the Grammys hoping for a memorable night.

Backstreet Boys

S1 E3
Feb 15, 2000
Get a firsthand account of the life of the Backstreet Boys as they go on tour to promote their album release.

Christina Aguilera

S1 E4
Feb 15, 2000
Travel with Christina Aguilera as she performs her first U.S. Tour, completes her Christmas album and fires her manager.

Celine Dion

S1 E5
Feb 15, 2000
This edition of "Diary" focuses on the life of superstar singer Celine Dion as she prepares to retire from public life for an extended period of time.


S1 E6
Feb 15, 2000
Behind the scenes with the rap star as she tours Philadelphia and Virginia.

Enrique Iglesias

S1 E7
Feb 15, 2000
The first ever invitation into the life of an artist. From their homes and personal lives, to on the road experiences attesting to an uncensored reality, we see the moments of their life as it happens

Avril Lavigne

S1 E8
Feb 15, 2000
Hang out with Avril as she starts her North American tour.