The Hairstyles Of Dr. Spencer Reid

Do you think you can tell what season it is by the style of Matthew Gray Gubler's hair as Dr. Spencer Reid?

"Tabula Rasa" (Episode 19, Season 3)

Who could forget Dr. Reid's long, luscious locks from Season 3? No one.

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"The Last Word" (Episode 9, Season 2)

Reid also has a doctorate in perfect bangs.

"Catching Out" (Episode 5, Season 4)

 Season 4 was all about hair swept to the side, with length in the back.

"Public Enemy" (Episode 15, Season 5)

Look at those locks! Dr. Spencer Reid hit his long hair peak in Season 5.

"The Internet is Forever" (Episode 22, Season 5)

Midway through Season 5, Dr. Reid decided he'd had enough and went with a shorter look.

"With Friends Like These" (Episode 19, Season 6)

Get a good look: This point in Season 6 was the shortest Reid's hair got.

"From Childhood's Hour" (Episode 5, Season 7)

Back to the bangs? Consider it classic Season 7 Reid.

"Run" (Episode 24, Season 7)

A dapper Dr. Reid rocked a center part with fluffy bangs for JJ's surprise wedding in Season 7.

"The Inspiration" (Episode 1, Season 9)

Reid revealed a perfect part for his toussled hair.
Season 10

Season 10

Season 10 of Criminal Minds marked Dr. Reid's transition back into a shorter look with a high fade cut.

"A Thousand Suns" (Episode 3, Season 10)

Reid really stepped up his game for season 10.

"The Sandman" (Episode 17, Season 11)

In Season 11, Reid decided to go with a medium length layered cut with bangs to really show off his perfected messy hair look.