Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Chris Redd

S1 E1
Sep 16, 2017
Chris Redd shares personal stories about a passive-aggressive flight attendant, helping his cousin come out of the closet and meeting a strange magician in Los Angeles.

Yamaneika Saunders

S1 E2
Sep 16, 2017
Yamaneika Saunders takes the stage to describe losing her virginity when she was 27 and the honorless work of being maid of honor at her best friend's wedding.

Shane Torres

S1 E3
Sep 23, 2017
Shane Torres discusses home-schooled kids, explains how grief can lead to great sex and defends Guy Fieri from those who mock him.

Jenny Zigrino

S1 E4
Sep 23, 2017
Jenny Zigrino talks about being a role model for her younger sister, describes life as a plus-size woman in L.A. and explains how parties change in your thirties.

Casey James Salengo

S1 E5
Sep 30, 2017
Casey James Salengo talks about having a single mom, describes how mean and specific dating app bios are, and suggests a way to spice up dog walking.

Jo Firestone

S1 E6
Sep 30, 2017
Jo Firestone emphasizes her love of yogurt, reveals what it's like to hook up with a stranger and gauges her audience's embarrassment level.

Anthony DeVito

S1 E7
Oct 7, 2017
Anthony DeVito shares stories about his grandma's love life, dating a younger woman and performing on a cruise ship with Shaggy.

Julio Torres

S1 E8
Oct 7, 2017
Julio Torres discusses veganism and the vulnerability of Daisy Duck, and reads some entries from Melania Trump's diary.

Josh Johnson

S1 E9
Oct 14, 2017
Josh Johnson discusses life as a non-alpha male, his time as a theater kid and the many perils of living alone for too long.

Sam Jay

S1 E10
Oct 14, 2017
Sam Jay digs into the struggles of life with her new wife, reveals how she knew she was gay, and tries to understand politics and racism in America.

Joel Kim Booster

S1 E11
Oct 21, 2017
Joel Kim Booster talks about life as a homeschooled kid, coming out to his conservative parents and being single for the first time in eight years.

Solomon Georgio

S1 E12
Oct 21, 2017
Solomon Georgio details his experiences as an immigrant in the U.S., reveals his obsession with "Harry Potter" and explains what it takes to make it onto his enemy list.

Adam Cayton-Holland

S1 E13
Oct 28, 2017
Adam Cayton-Holland discusses living the chill life in Colorado, his love of birdwatching and his memorable experience at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents Season Preview

S1 E14
Oct 28, 2017
Comedy Central is proud to introduce the comedians making their half-hour special debuts on this season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents.