Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Sweeping Shores

S1 E1
Nov 01, 2015
On the rocky southern tip of Africa lies a narrow peninsula held hostage by the elements. From pounding ice-cold waves to relentless sun, the extreme conditions demand toughness and adaptability from its resident wildlife.

Sanctuary of the Indian Ocean

S1 E2
Nov 10, 2015
Just off the southern coast of Africa, beneath the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, lies a safe zone created by a unique confluence of geography and climate: a sanctuary with a vibrant concentration of dazzling aquatic life. Embark on an underwater adventure into a marine wilderness stronghold.

Africa's Golden Forest

S1 E3
Nov 19, 2015
At the southern tip of Africa lies an underwater forest of haunting beauty. Venture into the depths of this singular world of strange plants and exotic sex-changing fish as they take refuge in this fertile and unique ecosystem.

Algoa Bay: Last Refuge of the African Penguin

S1 E4
Nov 26, 2015
On the southern coast of Africa lies Algoa Bay--a protected refuge for the continent's only penguin species. Join them in their quest for survival as they brave unforgiving elements to build an unlikely marine community.