Where Are The Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 Houseguests Now?

Before Season 2 premieres on Jan. 21, let's check in with the HGs who occupied the house last year.
Posted on Jan 18, 2019 | 01:30pm
With the star-studded second season of Celebrity Big Brother set to premiere on Monday, Jan. 21 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access, the time is ripe to catch up with the Celeb Houseguests from Season 1 and see what they've been up to since leaving the infamous BB house.

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From TV stars to teen heartthrobs and sports superstars, the first season of Celebrity Big Brother was full of big personalities—and, thankfully, being back in the real world hasn't slowed them down one bit!

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Known for her bubbly personality, big hair, and a penchant for wearing cat ears, Marissa was the first-ever Celebrity Big Brother champ, taking home the $250,000 grand prize after outlasting 10 other Houseguests.

Even though the Broadway star's time inside the BB house came to an end, she wasn't done with the world of Big Brother.

Along with runner-up Ross Mathews (more on him below), Marissa spent her summer hosting the official Big Brother Season 20 after show, Off The Block With Ross And Marissa:
And, of course, she's super hyped for the new cast of Celebrity Big Brother.
Ross Mathews
Being runner-up and winning America's Favorite Houseguest is an impressive Big Brother achievement, especially for a superfan like Ross. 

The TV personality continued his love of Big Brother—which started way back during BB Season 1—by hosting Off The Block alongside bestie Marissa for the duration of BB20.
Big Brother hasn't been the only thing keeping Ross busy, of course, as he received a GLAAD Award in late 2018:
And course, he's still spending plenty of time with his beloved doggos:
The controversial TV personality Omarosa remains in the spotlight since exiting the BB house, thanks to the release of her tell-all book about her time inside the White House, but she hasn't forgotten her Big Brother fam.

In fact, she swung by the finale of Big Brother 20 to hang with the whole cast:
And she's certainly excited for the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, too:
Brandi Lynn Glanville
The outspoken, no-filter Brandi continues strong in her BB fandom after being a Season 1 Houseguest, and was excited for the premiere of Big Brother 20:
Not to mention, she's still hanging out with a former housemate:
More importantly, though, Brandi continues to share her thoughts on life, love, and liquor on social media and proves, time and again, that she's the realest of the real:
Same, Brandi. Same.

Mark McGrath
Fan-favorite Celeb HG Mark is keeping busy playing music with his band Sugar Ray, and even played a show with fellow BB alum/musician Paul Abrahamian in the fall:
But music hasn't kept him from staying up to date on Big Brother; he even chimed in when a former notorious Houseguest had something to say about the first eviction of BB20:
Mark even joined Marissa to guest co-host Off The Block one week, talking with two-time BB20 evictee Scottie Salton:
James Maslow
As for Mark's workout pal/bro, James, since leaving the BB house he's been keeping up his rigorous exercise routine when he's not recording new tunes:
Not only has the teen heartthrob been recording some new music, he's also spent some quality time with his dad in Las Vegas!
Metta World Peace
Metta's journey through Celebrity Big Brother was unforgettable thanks to his unique gameplay—remember when he thought he was voting for someone to stay in the house?—and his ability to deliver some hilarious soundbites.

If you follow the NBA legend on Twitter, you'll know he's still delivering the goods:
Even months removed from the BB house, Metta's fondness for Orwell the owl is fresh in everyone's mind:
Ariadna Gutiérrez
Speaking of Orwell the owl, he's got another former Houseguest looking back on their time together quite fondly—none other than Celeb BB sweetheart and beauty queen Ariadna:
Shannon Elizabeth
As a self-professed BB superfan, Shannon was targeted early on in the game by those she considered her allies, but her short-lived stint in the BB house hasn't hampered her enjoyment of trying new things.

Like traveling all over the world, for instance:
Chuck Liddell
Since exiting the BB house, Chuck has since climbed back into a different sort of confined space, one with which he's far more familiar: the UFC Octagon!

He was also affected by the wildfires in California, but thankfully he and his family evacuated and are safe and sound:
Keshia Knight Pulliam
Since her dramatic and emotional exit from the game to be closer to her newborn baby, Keshia has been enjoying all the joys of motherhood after her stay inside the Big Brother house.

How will the new celebrity HGs adapt to life in the Big Brother house? Will they take any strategic cues from their predecessors?

Don't miss the two-night premiere event of Celebrity Big Brother on Monday, Jan. 21 and Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 8/7c on CBS CBS All Access.