Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Hide and Go Freak/Bunsen Screams for Ice Cream

S1 E1
Jan 16, 2017
Bunsen, Mikey, and Amanda (disguised as a beast) play the beast version of "Hide and Go Seek" in Bunsen's house. Bunsen's love of ice cream almost gets him expelled when Amanda uses it to lure him out of school.

Bunsen is a Beast!/Body and the Beast

S1 E2
Feb 20, 2017
Bunsen attends his first day of human Middle School in hopes to prove that beasts and humans can happily co-exist. Bunsen literally loses his head on picture day and now Mikey has to help him find it before picture time.

Bearly Acceptable Behavior/Beast Busters

S1 E3
Feb 21, 2017
Amanda tries to get Bunsen kicked out of school when he brings a dangerous bear to class. Bunsen and Mikey have to save Amanda from mischievous Sneeze Beasts that escape from Bunsen's nose.

Spelling Beast/Mikey is a Beast

S1 E4
Feb 22, 2017
Bunsen proves bees are the best spellers when he turns into one and wins the spelling bee. When MMA fighter, Jerry The Beast, picks Bunsen to be his new mascot, Mikey has to prove that he is a beast too.

Fright at the Museum/Handsome Beast

S1 E5
Feb 23, 2017
After discovering Bunsen's uncle in a museum, Bunsen and Mikey try to sneak him out before Amanda catches them. After Bunsen sprays himself with fancy body spray, he transforms into a hunk and becomes Amanda's desire.

Tooth or Consequences

S1 E6
Feb 25, 2017
It's teeth losing season for Bunsen, and having so many teeth, Mikey explains that Bunsen will be richer than Amanda once the Tooth Fairy leaves him money for them. To prevent this, Amanda vows to capture the Tooth Fairy.

Beast of Friends

S1 E7
Mar 4, 2017
It's Bunsen and Cosmo's Friend-iversary, so Bunsen excitedly takes Mikey to meet him in Dimmsdale, while Amanda secretly follows. The group has a great time, until Mr. Crocker and Amanda team up and decide to take them down!

Thunder and Frightening/Eyes on the Pies

S1 E8
Mar 11, 2017
When Amanda learns of Bunsen's strong fear of thunder, she devises a plan to scare him out of Muckledunk. Bunsen wants to win pies for Mikey, but Bunsen starts to lose his memory after getting a case of the hiccups.

Happy Beastgiving/Beastern Standard Time

S1 E9
Mar 18, 2017
It's the beast holiday, Beastgiving, so Mikey helps Bunsen deliver dream gifts to the citizens of Muckledunk. Bunsen's internal clock gets thrown off during daylight saving time.

Unhappy Campers/Hall of Justice

S1 E10
Mar 25, 2017
Bunsen tries to help Mikey overcome his fear of the woods during an overnight camping trip. Amanda tries to sabotage Mikey and Bunsen after they are appointed the new hall monitors.


S1 E11
Apr 14, 2017
On a fieldtrip to MASA, Mikey and Bunsen run into Commander Cone, mistaking him for a Mastronaut. Not wanting to disappoint his young fans, Commander Cone gives them a tour of MASA and accidentally launches them into space.

Cookie Monster/Braces for Disaster

S1 E12
Jun 3, 2017
Amanda turns into a ferocious beast and causes panic at school after eating Bunsen's beast cookies. Mikey, Bunsen, and Amanda team up to study minks after Amanda's tightened braces causes her to make mink calls.

Hug It Out-ch!/Guinea Some Lovin'

S1 E13
Jun 10, 2017
Amanda gets trapped in Bunsen's hugging chair and can only be released once she is happy. Bunsen falls in love with a guinea pig and tries to woo her, while Amanda tries to sabotage the love affair.

Mikey-plication/The Case of the Cold Case

S1 E14
Jun 17, 2017
To make time for their band, Mucklefunk, Bunsen clones Mikey so his clones can run all of his after-school clubs. Mikey and Bunsen go into detective mode after Commander Cone is framed for stealing Amanda's phone case.

Bunsen's Beast Ball/Bromeo and Juliet

S1 E15
Jun 24, 2017
Bunsen's Beast Ball tells him and Mikey to do fun things, until Amanda swaps out their Beast Ball for her own. Mikey wants the lead role in a play so he can get a kiss from Sophie Sanders, but Amanda plans to sabotage that.

Beast Halloween Ever

S1 E16
Oct 14, 2017
It's Bunsen first Halloween and Mikey is excited to show him how to collect tons of candy, but Amanda plans to dress up like the Sweet Teeth beast and steal everyone's candy for herself.

Bunsen Saves Christmas

S1 E17
Dec 18, 2017
Bunsen is super excited about celebrating his first Christmas ever. But when Amanda finds out she's on the naughty list, she stuffs Santa in a gift box and hijacks all the toys. Can Mikey and Bunsen find Santa in time to save Xmas?

Beastie Besties/By Hook or By Schnook

S1 E18
Dec 19, 2017
Amanda becomes Mikey and Bunsen's best friend after they perform the Best Friends Forever beast ceremony on her. Amanda sends Mikey and Bunsen on a bogus treasure hunt by giving them a fake map to Captain Schnook's Booty.

Boodle Loo/The Boy Who Cried Wolfie

S1 E19
Dec 20, 2017
Mikey and Bunsen have to find Boodles, Bunsen's invisible dog, after Amanda lures him away from home. Bunsen's best beast friend, Wolfie, comes to visit Muckledunk and has his eyes and stomach set on Mikey.

Adventures in Beastysitting/Wilda Beast

S1 E20
Dec 21, 2017
Mikey and Bunsen have to deliver a beast baby after accidentally switching packages at the Monstork Factory. Bunsen's cousin, Wilda, comes to town and develops a crush on Mikey, which terrifies him and makes Amanda jealous.

Bad Chair Day/Stupor Bowl

S1 E21
Dec 22, 2017
Mikey and Bunsen are forced apart after Miss Flap changes the seating chart to mix things up. When Bunsen is hypnotized by swirling toilet water, Amanda tries to convince him to return to Beast World.

Remote Outta Control/Network Newbs

S1 E22
Dec 26, 2017
When Bunsen eats Amanda's universal remote, he and Mikey have to rescue her from her malfunctioning smart house. Mikey and Bunsen compete against Amanda for the chance to have their own segment on the local news channel.

Amanda Gets Schooled/Beast in Show

S1 E23
Dec 27, 2017
Mikey and Bunsen help Amanda pass the Preparatory Overview Of Pupils test so she can avoid summer school. Mikey enters Bunsen into the Muckledunk Mutt Show, but Amanda tries to sabotage them and win with her robot dog.

Snooze Alarm/Split Decision

S1 E24
Dec 28, 2017
Mikey discovers that Bunsen is about to hibernate for 50 years! The only way Mikey can save Bunsen is to keep him up past his appointed hibernation time. Mikey and Bunsen go on a shopping spree adventure at "I've So Gotta Have It" store.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow/Ice Dream

S1 E25
Dec 29, 2017
Mikey and Bunsen use Boodles' fur to turn invisible and sneak into a scary movie they're too young to see. Mikey and Bunsen try to help their hero (the local ice cream delivery guy), Commander Cone, find his dream job.

Friend or Phony/Beauty or the Beast

S1 E26
Feb 10, 2018
Mikey and Bunsen go to Beast World when they get picked to be contestants on the Beast TV game show "Friend or Phony." Mikey and Bunsen's friendship is in jeopardy when Mikey has to choose between Bunsen and his Dream Girl, Sophie Sanders.