Season 3

Episode Guide

A-mazing Maze/Grand Marshal Bob

S3 E1
Jan 02, 2018
Leo is put in charge of building a maze at Fixham Castle while Bob and Wendy work elsewhere. Scoop encourages Leo to make the maze more difficult, and when the vehicles test it, they all get lost. Leo uses a drone to guide the wayward vehicles out./ Bob is made Grand Marshall of the big parade, and decides that whichever vehicle makes the best build can carry him in it. They soon learn that they need each other to succeed, and work together to make a super float for carrying Bob.

Fess Up or Mess Up/Bob's First Build

S3 E2
Jan 04, 2018
Muck takes Whizzer, a robotic vehicle Leo's built for a robo-racing competition, with him as the team builds the track. The unpredictable toy causes mayhem, but also makes everyone realize the seating in the space isn't ideal and they rebuild it./Muck accidentally collapses Bob's first build- an old shed. While Bob goes to get supplies, Scoop tells of how he first met young Bob and helped him build it. They learn that mistakes are part of the process and to have a positive mental attitude.

Grid Block/Bobcat Bridge

S3 E3
Jan 08, 2018
Dizzy is so enthralled with the new traffic lights and how they boss around/control cars, she ends up trying to tell everyone else how to do their jobs, instead of doing her own, which makes the traffic light poles all fall down like dominoes!/Scoop discovers a bobcat cub separated from its family by a busy road. The team build a wildlife bridge so the animals can cross safely, but Scoop hurries the job and it collapses. They are able to re-build in time for an animal family reunion.

Speedway Scoop/New Years Spectacular

S3 E4
Jan 10, 2018
The team build a ramp that will help people get to a bird-watcher's park. Scoop is so eager to be a champion and race down it, that he creates chaos on the build. To make amends Scoop becomes a "champion" worker and the job is completed on time./Bob and the team build a stage for the New Year's Eve fireworks show. Scoop is so excited that he knocks Bob's blow torch over, setting off nearly all the fireworks. The night is saved by having a different kind of show -with the vehicles' sparks acting as fireworks.

Parrot Talk/Lofty's Playground Problem

S3 E5
Jan 11, 2018
While building an aviary, Scoop misunderstands that parrots don't actually converse, and he mistakenly releases the birds from their cage. The team manages to get the birds back by imitating the sound of the birds' squawk with their brakes./The team need to demolish a playground when they're doing a school reno. Saffi loves the elephant slide and asks Lofty to save it. He hides it on the roof, but creates structural damage. This gives Bob the idea to put the playground on the roof!

Dog Disaster/Can't Runaway Runway

S3 E6
Jan 15, 2018
The team need to demolish a playground when they're doing a school reno. Saffi loves the elephant slide and asks Lofty to save it. He hides it on the roof, but creates structural damage. This gives Bob the idea to put the playground on the roof!/Lofty gets stuck on a newly-paved runway just as Leo's plane is ready to land! By the time Bob and the team are able to get him out, it's too dark for the pilot to see. The vehicles line the runway to guide the plane in with their blinking lights.

Scoop's Big Oops/Floating Away

S3 E7
Jan 17, 2018
Scoop's idol, Ace, is paying more attention to newbie Shifter when they're building a wind farm. Scoop tries to get Ace's attention but ends up causing disaster. They work together to finish the build and Scoop learns about teamwork./Muck falls asleep on the job after staying up late, and ends up on a runaway piece of the floating bridge the team is building as it heads for the falls. Lofty saves Muck by pulling the bridge piece close enough so Muck can make a leap to safety.

Jet Powered Scoop/A Heavy Load

S3 E8
Jan 19, 2018
While building a Test Facility for Mei, Scoop can't help but try out a rolling treadmill. It causes a jet engine to ignite, sending him and Bob on a wild ride! Bob manages to shut it down, and Scoop learns that work and play don't mix./Bob, Jenny Dobbs and Two-Tonne are taking a pregnant elephant, Hiba, to the zoo. Two-Tonne takes a short cut but destroys the bridge they're on. Hiba escapes and Jenny searches for her while the team fix the bridge. Hiba is found - with her baby!

Canal Chaos/Barn Building Bedlam

S3 E9
Jan 23, 2018
Lofty doesn't understand the instructions for building a new canal, makes a big mistake, and dents Mr. Bentley's boat. Lofty apologizes and learns the correct way to do the job as the team makes repairs. Mr. Bentley is able to go on his vacation!/Bob and his team are asked to build two barns, and when Scoop sees Ace's impressive cow barn in progress, he embellishes his barn to the point that it ruins everything! But he gets an idea - to build one super-duper big barn as a team.

Aqua Ducks/Snowman Scare

S3 E10
Jan 25, 2018
While the team build an aqueduct, Muck ends up being accidentally 'imprinted' by ducklings, who think he's their mother. When the site of their nest is endangered, Muck must find a way to save the nest and get the ducklings back to their mother./Rocky is convinced Town Hall's collapse is the work of an Abominable Snowman. Scoop, Muck and Lofty must convince Rocky that Abominable Snowmen are just a myth - or are they? In the end, they discover the 'creature' is really Mr Bentley!

Talking Loud and Clear/Tunnel Trouble

S3 E11
Jan 26, 2018
Lofty wants to impress co-worker Cherry, so, on Two-Tonne's advice, he changes the way he acts. But Whizzer arrives and ruins Lofty's plans. In the end, Cherry likes Lofty better, not for trying to impress her, but for acting like himself./In trying to show up Norm, a mega-machine, Scoop causes a cave-in, trapping him and Muck. Scoop worries that if they dig horizontally, the skyscraper above will collapse. He gets the idea to dig up, toward the skyscraper- and his plan works!

Bob's Detective Squad/Ace's Dynamite Movie

S3 E12
Mar 20, 2018
Author Emily Twain is set to read her latest book at a library opening, but Rocky loses it! He convinces Leo to abandon his work and help him solve the mystery much like characters from Twain's detective novels. The book is found just in time!/Bob and the team arrive to demolish a grocery store and rebuild a modern store. Leo decides to impress the team by setting up the dynamite beforehand, but disaster strikes when Ace, trying to impress his "fans," inadvertently sets it off!

Bridge Over Trouble/What's Opera, Muck?

S3 E13
Mar 22, 2018
The plan is to demolish a railway bridge to make way for a new park. Scoop makes a mess demolishing the sheds and is gently teased about it. He's eager to prove he's the neatest vehicle, but in doing so, uses up the dynamite for the demolition./The team is repairing the roof of an opera house for a production that Wendy's directing. Muck's loud singing drives everyone crazy, and worse, actually brings down the roof because of the volume. Bob and the team rebuild just in time for curtain!