Season 1

Episode Guide

Sky High Scoop

S1 E1
Sep 01, 2015
At the new Skyscraper, Bob and the team find that Mayor Madison wants the elevator finished so she can have her photo taken at the top. Scoop wants to see the whole of Spring City too. He rolls into Tiny's cage but on the way up realizes that he's not so keen after all, and in panic rolls onto high up floor girders of the unfinished skyscraper. Bob embarks on a daring rescue. Realizing that Bob is taking a risk to help him. Scoop manages to control himself, and roll back into the cage. From now on, he'd rather keep his wheels firmly on the ground!

Milkshake Mix Up

S1 E2
Sep 01, 2015
When Bob and the team arrive at Chef Tattie's fun new Milk Shake Bar, Scoop sees Chef Tattie experimenting with ingredients for his milk shakes and gets inspired. Scoop decides that he will do the same when he he helps Two-Tonne mix up the concrete for the Car Park. But the next morning, it's soon clear that Scoop's concrete isn't dry. Scoop has to scrape it all off so they can start again. But Bob thinks there might be something to Scoop's idea to make a fun car park after all and gives him some crazy but "proper" materials to mix up in Dizzy.

Kitchen Whizz

S1 E3
Sep 03, 2015
Keen on Bob's sardine sandwiches, Pilchard sneaks into his rucksack and hitches a ride to work at Chef Tattie's UFO-themed revolving restaurant where she sneaks out and walks through some paint leaving a trail of green footprints. Inspired by all the talk of "aliens", the Machines follow the trail. Pilchard arrives in the kitchen and goes to sleep on top of a remote control causing the restaurant to revolve at high speed. Bob saves the day by luring Pilchard off the remote control with a sardine sandwich. The team finish the restaurant and the Machines discover the truth about the "alien".

Lofty Lets Loose

S1 E4
Sep 04, 2015
Bob and the team will be building an enclosure and viewing platform for the new giraffe. Lofty is excited that he will be seeing his favorite animal. But when the giraffe arrives he gets so anxious to get a good view that he crashes through a fence and frightens the giraffe away! Luckily he knows exactly what giraffes eat and is soon tempting the giraffe back to his enclosure with a big pile of leaves on his jib. The enclosure is finished and tidied up just in time, and Bob suggests Jenny Dobbs names the giraffe after it's biggest fan... Lofty!

Scoop's Big Break

S1 E5
Sep 07, 2015
Bob and his gang are installing new barriers and laying a new paved driveway at Fixham Town Hall; at the end of the day a statue of Mayor Madison will be unveiled in the new driveway. Scoop is fitted with his pneumatic breaker and gets overexcited while using it, resulting in him breaking an underground water pipe and causing it to leak. While Bob and Wendy have some difficulty installing the barrier, Scoop covers up the leak and gets Muck to stand over the hole thus blocking the water from escaping. When Muck moves from this position Scoop speeds back to hide his mistake and causes Lofty to drop the paving slabs. The slabs are shattered! Scoop remarks on them looking like jigsaw pieces - giving Bob the idea of using the broken slabs to make crazy paving.

Bob the Brave

S1 E6
Sep 08, 2015
Tonight the Fixham Medieval Festival will open, but Maria Madison is appalled to discover that the castle has no portcullis. She summons Bob to put one in. Meanwhile, Mr. Bentley puts his foot through a rotten section of drawbridge as he eagerly heads into the castle to rehearse his lines. Leo becomes distracted role-playing as Prince Fix-a-Lot and traps himself behind the portcullis and inside the castle where he can hear a ghost wailing! Bob and the team hatch a plan to break into the castle to rescue Leo. First they fit a new drawbridge in place of the rotten one so that Muck can drive across and raise the portcullis with his bucket. Bob bravely ventures into the castle, saving Max and exposing the real ghost - Mr. Bentley, warming up his vocal chords for the Medieval Festival! At the festival that night, "Queen" Madison praises Bob's heroic efforts, knighting him "Bob the Brave".

Saffi's Treehouse

S1 E7
Sep 09, 2015
Saffi declares that Wendy is her hero. She then tells the Spring City Rockets that her hero is going to build them a fancy tree house so that they can have their first ever club meeting. Wendy wants to live up to her hero status and re-organizes the schedule so that the elaborate tree house is ready by the end of the day. But things don't quite go to schedule when Saffi tries to help out.

Cats and Dogs

S1 E8
Sep 10, 2015
When Bob takes Pilchard for her check-up, he discovers that the Vet Tilly is looking after a dog named Cooper... and he likes to chase cats. Vet Tilly panics as Mayor Madison is arriving that evening with her cat to be groomed. She doesn't want Cooper to chase the Mayor's cat!

Workshop Makeover

S1 E9
Sep 11, 2015
Bob is looking after Curtis's garage while Leo takes him out for a birthday meal at Chef Tattie's. However, the meal is a ruse, arranged so that Bob and his gang can secretly give Curtis' workshop a makeover.

Muck On Ice

S1 E10
Sep 14, 2015
Bob and the team are building Spring City's new Ice Rink when the Rockets arrive and plead with him to finish it as soon as possible. They explain that the rink they were going to be playing on that evening is out of action and they have no-where to play! Bob tells them he'll do his best and the building begins.

Bentley's Bones

S1 E11
Sep 15, 2015
Bob and his crew are finishing off the new extension to the Spring City Museum. They are awaiting the delivery of its first exhibit - a full sized Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Mr. Bentley has come out in his lunch break to supervise the arrival of the skeleton. But while Bob is back at his yard Leo discovers to his horror that Mr. Bentley has bungled the dimensions of the doors to the new extension, and now they are unable to get the huge dinosaur skeleton inside.

Bear Mountain

S1 E12
Sep 16, 2015
Jenny Dobbs, the zoo keeper, asks Bob to finish building the new bear enclosure at Spring City zoo. He plans a three-tiered natural habitat that resembles a rocky mountain, with a pool and cave for shelter. Scoop thinks the mountain needs to be a tall as possible in order to keep the bear happy, and he convinces Muck and Lofty to help him. Unfortunately they build it too high. The rocks and soil in-fill can't take the weight and the whole mountain collapses.

Fitness Frenzy

S1 E13
Sep 17, 2015
Bob and the team are completing work on a brand new fitness trail in the sports stadium park. They must finish before the afternoon's Spring City Fun Run - a steeplechase across the fitness trail obstacle course, organised by Scoop's idol Skye Sampson, a fitness guru and world champion record-breaking athlete. When Scoop is told that only humans will be competing, he sets up his own competition: the Muscle Machine Games! With events including "Weightlifting" (with a pallet of wooden beams) and "Discuss Throw" (with an old tyre) Lofty and Muck both break new records... but all Scoop breaks is the fitness trail equipment! It's up to Bob to act as motivational sports coach, and inspire the team to fix the job before Skye's starting whistle!

Ballroom Blitz

S1 E14
Sep 18, 2015
Mayor Madison has arranged for Ballroom Blitz, TV dance sensation, to come on tour to Spring City. When star dancer, Sylvain de Souza, threatens to cancel the show unless he gets a sprung dance floor, Maria enlists Bob to save the day, in return for a show tango with her hero. Dance fever sweeps Team Bob and the Spring City Rockets but Lofty despairs of ever being able to dance as well as the others. Just as he finds his dancing mojo, Lofty accidentally wrecks part of the sprung dance floor. Sylvain recognizes a kindred spirit in Lofty and urges him to follow his dreams, no matter how unlikely they may seem. The dance floor is repaired in time for the show but Maria sprains her ankle and Wendy takes centre stage instead of her.

Rockets Under The Stars

S1 E15
Sep 21, 2015
When Mila is appearing on the children's TV game show, "Whiz-A-Quiz", the rest of the Spring City Rockets are disappointed that they didn't get tickets to watch and support her. This gives Mayor Madison the idea for Bob to build an outdoor movie area at the Stadium where everyone can watch the game show together. But when Mayor Madison asks Lofty to help the Spring City Rockets decorate the stadium, he gets carried away and leaves Leo to finish the support frames for the giant screen all by himself. A job that is too big for one person. When the giant screen arrives, the frame isn't sturdy enough to hold it and the whole structure starts falling apart. Lofty races in and saves the TV screen but the frame, stage and audience seating are broken. Lofty apologises for leaving Leo by himself and Leo apologises for trying to take on such a big job all by himself. Everyone works together and ensures that the stage and screen are ready in time to watch Mila.

Winter In Spring

S1 E16
Sep 22, 2015
JJ and Mila are training for a snowboarding stunt show to be performed at the opening of the Winter in Spring Festival - a celebration of winter in Spring City. Bob and the team will be building a triple chairlift to transport passengers to the top of Observatory Hill. But Bob isn't keen on the cold weather - he'd much prefer to be building sandcastles on the beach! During a work break, Skye offers Bob a snowboarding lesson - and he's terrible! Meanwhile, Scoop is determined to have a slide down the snowy hill - but Wendy warns him that without snow chains, he'll have no control.

Pick Up A Penguin

S1 E17
Sep 23, 2015
Bob and his crew are finishing off the new penguin pool at Spring City Zoo. It's almost complete when Lofty accidentally drops a large rock, which smashes the observation window. It's urgent that they fix it quickly because the penguins will be arriving any moment. Meanwhile Mayor Madison and Mr. Bentley are entertaining a special visitor, the grouchy Mayor Snipe from Riverdale. They take him on a tour of the city, but he isn't impressed with the castle, the sports stadium or the revolving restaurant. Back at the zoo the penguins have arrived, but the pool isn't ready for them yet. Leo has been busy working on a new pond and water feature at The Town Hall, and Lofty suggests the penguins can stay there until their new home is ready.

Home On The Range

S1 E18
Sep 24, 2015
Bob and the team arrive at the Racetrack to build three horse stables the day before a big race. At the sight of the horses, Leo goes into 'cowboy mode' for the duration of the build. Henry Corner, the anxious groom, wants the build to be as noise-free as possible for the sake of his nervy horses, which is exactly when the noisy Two-Tonne arrives in reverse. The build progresses well, until, getting carried away lassoing with some spare ropes, Leo scares the horses, who escape from their paddock and kick out at the nearly-built stables in their excitement. The stables collapse like dominos!

Pass the Parcel

S1 E19
Sep 24, 2015
Roland's Gifts is an internet gift shop; Bob, Leo, Scoop, Muck and Lofty are in it's huge distrubution warehouse with owner, Roland Sweet. It's a few days before Christmas and Roland has commissioned Bob and his team to install a hi-tech a robotic picking system, which will pick items off shelving, wrap them and put them into delivery vans via a chute. The system needs to be installed by evening the next day so customers receive their gifts in time for Christmas Day. Scoop and Muck are excited and do 'robotic' impressions; Leo claims to be very knowledgeable about robotics. During the installation Leo switches the system on to prove his knowledge to Scoop. Meanwhile an approaching snowstorm has moved the delivery deadline to that very evening. Leo's meddling causes the system to malfunction and a picking arm picks him up, wraps him and tries to deposit him through the chute.

Dig This

S1 E20
Sep 25, 2015
Team Bob are preparing to dig the foundations for a skyscraper in Spring City's new business zone and are under pressure from Mayor Madison to get started. She keeps interrupting their work on Bob's smart-phone. Scoop and Muck set a challenge to see which of them can dig/clear the earth quickest. Interrupted again, Bob calls a halt but the machines get carried away and keep digging. Scoop goes too deep and hits into something hard underground. Bob calls Anish Bose, the archaeologist, who announces the discovery of Roman ruins. The build will have to halt while they excavate the site. Scoop is filled with remorse and horrified to learn that Romans didn't have machines like him. An interested crowd starts to gather as Anish discovers more artefacts. Mr Bentley arrives for a progress report but rather than being angry at the lack of progress he is excited by the historic discovery.

Dino Park

S1 E21
Nov 09, 2015
Bob must finish a Dinosaur Park attraction for the Mayor to visit that evening. This involves creating a trail around which life-sized models of dinosaurs will be positioned, climaxing with a roaring animatronic model of a triceratops. Muck starts to clear the main path. He's fascinated, but also a little bit scared of dinosaurs. Leo reassures Muck by revealing he too was a bit wary of dinosaurs when he was small, and gets Muck to 'roar' like a dinosaur. The model dinosaurs arrive and are very impressive. Scoop decides to surprise Leo and pushes the triceratops into the middle of the path. Instead of surprising Leo, they spook Muck who panics and knocks the model over a cliff. Scoop is sorry for scaring Muck and breaking the model, but then sees the triceratops teetering half way down the cliff. Bob co-ordinates a rescue effort. He abseils down, guides Lofty's hook to grab the model, and rides it back to the cliff top.

Marathon Span

S1 E22
Nov 10, 2015
Bob, Wendy, Leo, Scoop and Lofty are completing the second stage of a bridge over the River Coil in Spring City. This involves building a spar and building out a bridge deck, which is held up by cables attached to the spar. The bridge is due to be complete by Monday morning, in time for the city-folk to get to work. Scoop is sceptical about Leo's claims to have caught a fish in the river; Scoop doesn't like fish. The team learn from Mr Bentley that Mayor Madison has re-routed the next day's Spring City Quarter Marathon to finish on the bridge, which means they need to finish the bridge by the end of the day. The bridge will be officially opened by the winner crossing the bridge finishing line. When Scoop dips his digger into the river he accidentally catches a fish in his bucket. In his panic, Scoop causes Lofty to reverse suddenly, which leaves his back-end dangling off the edge of the partially constructed bridge deck.

End Of the Line

S1 E23
Nov 11, 2015
Bob and the team have been building a new monorail system that goes across Spring City. Now they only have the last station to complete before the train takes its first journey that evening. But when Bob leaves Leo to finish the last station's platform, Leo has trouble to concentrate on one job at a time. Leo tries to juggle three jobs at once with lots of different questions from Dizzy, Lofty and Tiny. Soon the cement is dripping onto the tracks, the platform tiles overload and break, and the roof crashes into the track and bends it out of shape. Leo thought things couldn't get any worse until he realises that Bob is testing the train... and it's heading for the bend in the track! As the train gets closer and closer, Leo finds it harder to decide what to do. But soon he takes control of the situation and concentrates. Using the signal box phone, Leo calls Bob in the train and tells him to brake. Bob stops the train just before reaching the bend in the track.

Light! Camera! Leo!

S1 E24
Nov 12, 2015
Film director, Carl Parker, has commissioned Bob and his team to build the set and rocket for a movie - Space Robots 3. The clock is ticking, as they need to release it before Christmas. Leo reveals to Scoop he has aspirations to act, whilst Carl seems to have little control over his remote controlled robot D11D that keeps spooking Muck and running over Wendy's toe. Saffi, who is hanging around the studio gates, is a big fan of D11D which leads an eager-to-impress Leo to claim he will be acting in the film, not just building sets. Leo with Scoop's help then tries to get the director's attention in various scenes whilst Bob's team and the director are trying to get the set and rocket ready for filming. Leo decides to give up but then has an idea. The next morning, the first day's filming is due to start but Leo is nowhere to be seen. Carl calls action on the first scene (between D11D and a much larger robot.)

Star Struck Muck

S1 E25
Nov 13, 2015
When Bob and the team are asked to build a set for movie-star Dash Lightning's new film, Muck thinks that his dreams have come true. Dash Lightning is Mucks' hero, so he decides that he wants to meet him whilst working at Spring City Studios. But when Muck gets distracted with trying to find his hero, he doesn't pay attention to any of the jobs he is doing. On racing to meet his hero, Muck clips the set's backdrop and he doesn't wait to check the pyrotechnic lights, causing them to fall towards the studio-lighting crane. Just as the director calls action, the set falls apart and the pyrotechnics explode towards the lights, risking a fire. As Bob gets Dash Lightning to safety, Muck saves the lights and prevents a fire. Muck realises that he was so busy trying to meet his hero that he didn't do his work properly. The team work to rebuild the set, and Muck sacrifices watching the film shoot to help hold up the scenery.

Here Be Dragons

S1 E26
Nov 16, 2015
Jenny Dobbs commissions Bob and team to build Komodo Island with a walkway/bridge for the public to gain a better view of the Komodo Dragons. Muck discovers he is terrified of the Komodos so is set to work clearing out their old enclosure (without his knowledge) instead. When he discovers some eggs buried in the earth there he braves returning to the Island to ask Jenny what to do with them. But a Komodo hisses at him and Muck is spooked - he backs into part of the walkway causing it to collapse and leaving Leo dangling in mid air from a safety harness. When Muck sees the Komodo apparently climbing the tree to attack Leo he overcomes his fears to go back and save him. After helping repair the damage to the walkway, Muck shows Jenny the eggs he found and is stunned to learn they are Komodo Dragon eggs. He decides they're not so bad after all and Jenny names the first one to hatch after Muck.

Check Up Day

S1 E27
Nov 17, 2015
It's the Machine's Check Up Day; a day when Curtis the mechanic comes to check their mechanics and engines are all working properly! Scoop boast he's going to get 'top marks' for his check-up. Lofty is worried he won't get any. After Scoop, Lofty and Muck have a Jet-Wash, Bob calls Curtis to tell him they're ready but Scoop realises his orange emergency light is broken and thinks he won't get 'top marks'. He panics and decides to hide until Curtis has gone! Scoop scours the Yard for somewhere to hide - but in the process makes himself muddy again. Then he breaks the glass in his side mirror before tearing his rear tyre mud flap. Eventually Bob finds Scoop hiding behind a pile of cement bags, looking dishevelled and sorry for himself! Bob and Wendy 'fix' Scoop so he's ready for his check-up. Lofty is still worried and nervous about being examined. But when it's Lofty's turn, Scoop encourages and supports him, suggesting they have both their check-ups at the same time!

Boogie Woogie Wonderland

S1 E28
Nov 18, 2015
Roland Sweet has commissioned Bob and Team to build a giant games testing area outside the Shopping Mall to publicise the opening of his new games store. Leo impresses Roland with his musical knowledge, so Roland asks if he can assemble the giant piano keyboard while the rest of the team build a child-sized doll's house and Snakes and Ladders board. Bob asks Scoop to help Leo with the keyboard and but Scoop mixes up the piano keys when moving them. Leo is too proud to follow the diagram Roland gave him so he and Scoop muddle through, treating the keyboard like a jigsaw. When Roland tests the piano it sounds awful and he fears he will have to cancel the mystery guest who is coming to play it. Leo admits he was wrong not to follow instructions and he and Scoop put the keyboard together correctly just in time for mystery guest, Sylvain de Souza, to dance out some fabulous tunes.

Scoop's Pet Shark

S1 E29
Nov 19, 2015
Bob and the team are building a new aquarium at the sea life center for a baby tiger shark. Scoop is excited, imagining the shark will be like a pet puppy. Leo is less than enthused, barely concealing his fear of sharks. When the shark is collected at the docks and placed in a holding tank inside Muck's tray, Scoop convinces Muck they should take "Stripy" the shark "for a walk" around the neighbourhood. After introducing her to Pilchard, and pointing out the mayor's office (startling Mr Bentley!), they see JJ and Saffi on the playing field, teaching Cooper some pet tricks. Determined to teach Stripy some tricks too, Scoop and Muck begin a game of fetch... which ends up with Muck getting his front bucket stuck between two trees. Back at the sea life centre, Bob is concerned. If the shark doesn't arrive soon, she will miss her feeding time. A nervous Leo is sent out with Lofty to look for Muck, Scoop and the shark.

Car Wash

S1 E30
Nov 20, 2015
Bob and the gang are building an Automatic Car Wash for Curtis's Garage, but Roley is being as obsessive as ever, checking and re-checking that the newly laid tarmac is absolutely, completely flat. Just as Roley gives Bob the all clear to start building, Mayor Madison and Mr. Bentley arrive in Phillip expecting to use the car wash! Wendy explains they've been held up - but to come back later. Once the car wash is ready, Wendy explains how the control console works and does a 'test run'. It works perfectly and at last Curtis can re-open his garage. Roley, however, is still not convinced the tarmac is flat. To re-assure him Bob tells Leo to do one more test run. As the run starts, Roley thinks he sees some un-flattened tarmac and rushes into the car wash to flatten it! But he gets stuck. What's worse, in his attempts to free himself Roley pulls the car wash frame, brushes and water supply apart - causing car wash chaos. Curtis is unhappy and Roley realises it's all his fault.

Out Of the Woods

S1 E31
Nov 23, 2015
While working at Fixham Campsite, Dizzy wants to camp out with Leo and the Spring City Rockets till she's put off by the creepy crawlies. She later regrets her decision and returns with Scoop and Muck but they are frightened by the spooky story Leo is telling and the Rockets think they are the creatures from his story. Everyone panics and the build is damaged as they flee. Dizzy gets her wheel stuck in a ditch and is left behind. When Muck, Scoop and Bob return, they find her caring for an injured hedgehog. Everyone makes fun of Leo and the Spring City Rockets for being scared of the Machines and Dizzy is rewarded with an animal care badge and the chance to camp out again that night.

Never Give Up

S1 E32
Nov 24, 2015
Sports guru Skye Sampson asks Bob to build a 100 metre zip-line for her new fitness program. It's a job that Leo should love to help with, but he seems very distracted. Leo is put in charge of finishing the launch platform and fixing the zip-line, but he keeps making mistakes and wonders if he is up to the job. Lofty tries to convince Leo of how well they're doing, but when the zip-line comes loose it's the last straw. Leo says he should give up being a builder. Scoop and Lofty panic that Leo is going to leave the team - they decide they must make things right! But in their attempts to fix the platform they end up demolishing it instead. Bob discovers that Leo is worried that he's failed an important college test, but Bob reassures him that it's study and practice that make a good builder. Together they come up with an alternative plan using the platform debris, and build a log-staircase against a tree creating a longer and more thrilling zip-line.

Smallest Rocket

S1 E33
Nov 25, 2015
Science and engineering hot shot Mei Moon has designed and built a rocket, named Stella. If successful Stella will become the smallest rocket ever to reach space. The Spring City Rockets have gathered and made a banner to celebrate and Bob's job is to finish building Stella's launch pad near the Observatory. Lofty is given the important task of lifting Stella onto the launch pad. Mei reminds him he has to be very careful, but he becomes flustered and tries to place the rocket before the launch pad is finished. Stella falls off and flops into wet concrete, ejecting her landing parachute, which Lofty accidentally runs over and rips. Now the launch is ruined. The team clean the concrete splattered rocket by using the machine wash back at the yard, but they still have the problem of the ripped parachute. Lofty notices the Spring City Rockets' banner, and has the idea of using part of it to patch and repair the parachute.

Scoop and the Slide

S1 E34
Nov 26, 2015
Bob and the team have been busy building a new water park, "Spring City Splash" that includes a wave pool and splash zone. Now there is only one thing left to build... the double dragon water slide. Scoop loves dragons and cannot wait to help build the slides, but when he is asked to help build the support beams instead, he is less than impressed with his job. As Bob attaches the new water park entrance sign, Scoop digs foundations for the support beams. Suddenly Scoop becomes distracted with the arrival of the dragon slides and doesn't finish the foundations. He attempts to see the dragon slides only to be sent back to finish his job. Now totally eager to get to the slides, Scoop rushes to complete his job and doesn't realise that the support beams are not set and are beginning to lean. Finally, Scoop gets to see the dragon slides and watches as they are lowered onto the support beams. But the support beams start to give way and the dragon slides start crashing to the ground.

Spring City Wheel

S1 E35
Nov 27, 2015
Leo and Muck are having great fun playing the very latest computer game "Space Robots!" Bob reminds them they've got an early start in the morning. Muck pleads to stay up a bit longer and Leo promises they'll get a good night's sleep... just as soon as they reach the top level of the game. But at dawn they're still playing! Next morning, Leo and Muck are very tired and sleepy. Bob explains that they have to finish building The Spring City Wheel, a huge Ferris-wheel, in the Docklands Regeneration Area. He's promised the Spring City Rockets they'll be the first to ride on it - today! Bob and the gang drive towards the site but on the way Muck and Leo stop to have a quick nap. Bob, Wendy, Lofty and Two-Tonne assemble the Wheel. Wendy worries about what has happened to Leo and Muck. When the Rockets arrive they're disappointed to find the Wheel unfinished. They watch Lofty lift the huge, round frame into position.

Flyaway Ghost

S1 E36
Nov 30, 2015
Bob and the team are setting up the Spring City Halloween Festival. Everyone is excited except Lofty. Lofty thinks Halloween is scary, so when he is sent to collect a giant ghost decoration he is more than nervous. Meanwhile Wendy is trying to play a Halloween trick on Bob but keeps ending up with the joke on her. Lofty arrives to collect the ghost decoration from Curtis but even the crate it is stored in looks scary. Determined to be brave, Lofty picks up the crate. But then he hears a rattling sound and thinks it's the ghost. He zooms off, still carrying the crated ghost, hoping to get his scary job over with. By rushing off, he doesn't realise that the crate is not locked. Lofty continues his journey with the ghost inside the crate. He then hears a creaking sound. Lofty thinks it's the ghost again. He speeds off, not realising that the crate is now opening. Lofty arrives at the festival totally spooked by all the rattling and creaking. He drops the crate in a panic and hides.

Star Attraction

S1 E37
Nov 30, 2015
Bob and his crew are building a special area to celebrate local citizens who have improved the life of Spring City. Each recipient will get to see his or her image inside a golden star on a plinth. But Mayor Madison is struggling to decide who exactly will feature in the very first golden star. Various suggestions include Mr. Bentley, who is very keen to be chosen, Tilly and Jenny. But when the Spring City Rockets suggest Betsy, Scoop decides that the honour should go to a machine - and that machine should be him. Scoop shows off in front of Maria hoping he will be chosen. But his reckless behavior results in cutting through an electric cable and causing a massive power cut. Luckily Bob is on hand to repair the damage swiftly and efficiently. And then it becomes obvious who should actually be the first Spring City Hero - he's always there when you need him - Bob the Builder. Mr. Bentley, certain that he was to be the chosen one, has to curtail his acceptance speech in a hurry.


S1 E38
Dec 01, 2015
Team Bob are creating a Soft Play Café for Chef Tattie in an old warehouse by the docks, ready for an opening party tomorrow. Though the build is on track, Chef can't decide what colour to paint the disco room so Bob offers to put up paint samples for him to choose from. Leo shows off his 'mash-up' app and Tattie decides that Leo should DJ for the party. However, Leo isn't as confident as he appeared to Chef and the extra responsibility distracts him from the build. Eventually he ends up walking through spilled paint after putting up the colour samples, leaving differently coloured footprints all over the floor. When Chef arrives back suddenly, Leo bluffs that he's invented a new floor design and Bob and Wendy back him up. Chef is delighted and it helps him decide to paint the disco room all four colours too.

Tattie's Mash-Up

S1 E39
Dec 02, 2015
Team Bob are creating a Soft Play Café for Chef Tattie in an old warehouse by the docks, ready for an opening party tomorrow. Though the build is on track, Chef can't decide what colour to paint the disco room so Bob offers to put up paint samples for him to choose from. Leo shows off his 'mash-up' app and Tattie decides that Leo should DJ for the party. However, Leo isn't as confident as he appeared to Chef and the extra responsibility distracts him from the build. Eventually he ends up walking through spilled paint after putting up the colour samples, leaving differently coloured footprints all over the floor. When Chef arrives back suddenly, Leo bluffs that he's invented a new floor design and Bob and Wendy back him up. Chef is delighted and it helps him decide to paint the disco room all four colours too. Leo learns that it's important to focus on one thing at a time.

Spring City TV

S1 E40
Dec 03, 2015
Leo is late as he's overslept thanks to staying up late playing a fishing game on his phone. Bob, Lofty, Leo and Wendy are installing a satellite dish and at the Spring City News HQ located at the docks. The dish has to be in place in time for the Six O'Clock News bulletin. En route to site the team stop to say hello to the Spring City Rockets who are practicing in preparation for a dance show later that day which will be covered on the news. On site Leo and Lofty are teamed up. During the build Leo is distracted by the game; Lofty suggests he should pay more attention. While tying the dish to Lofty's hook Leo - distracted by the game - does not secure it properly. As Lofty raises the dish it comes loose and drops to the floor. Leo gives chase as the dish, rolling on its side, causes havoc, eventually damaging the stage the Rockets are supposed to performing on and then dropping into the river. Leo apologises to Lofty for being a bad team-mate.

Wind And Shine

S1 E41
Dec 04, 2015
After a solar panel demonstration, Mayor Madison decrees that the Sea Life Center will be entirely powered by renewable energy. Bob and the team must build a wind farm, which excites Scoop - he can't wait to see the 'spinny things' going round. As they begin construction, Mr Bentley arrives and pulls Bob away, enthusing about other renewable energy schemes they have planned. Spring City will need more energy as it grows, so they need to think ahead. Scoop decides he should think ahead like Mr Bentley suggests, and convinces Lofty to move some of the turbines closer together. That way they could fit more into the same space. But when the turbines are tested the blades clash and are damaged beyond repair. Now they don't have enough turbines to power the Center. If only they could use sun-power instead of wind-power thinks Scoop. That's the solution - they mix and match - adding a row of solar panels to complement the remaining wind turbines.

A Present For Bob

S1 E42
Dec 25, 2015
It's Christmas time. Bob and the team are building the Spring City Christmas display in the city centre's plaza. Lofty loves everything Christmas and decorates the yard in snowflakes. Then he sees that Bob's home doesn't have any decorations, so he decides to give him the perfect present. Lofty arrives on site, determined to give Bob his Christmas present but when asked to help hang the lights, he puts the present down by the giant display tree. Lofty finishes his work and again tries to give Bob his present but now it's lost somewhere in the display. Lofty spots Bob's present under the display tree and tries to reach it with his crane arm. But his arm gets stuck and accidentally snaps off the tree's support cables. Suddenly Lofty is calling "timber" and the display tree falls to the ground, crashing into the rest of the display. Lofty apologises and realises he wasn't careful in his work... but he only wanted to give Bob a present... a gold star to decorate his home.

Spring City Lock

S1 E43
Feb 15, 2016
Bob announces there's been a Spring City Clock Competition to design the new Spring City Clock - and guess who's won? The Spring City Rockets! Bob shows the Machines their winning design and explains that metal figures will emerge and sound the bells on the clock. Wendy has been welding the metal figures together. Leo arrives and is looking forward to helping Bob with the decorative cladding around the clock tower but Bob tells him it's Recycling Day today and his job is to take all the recycling to the Centre first. Bob and the Machines set off to the site while Leo and Muck gather up the boxes of recycling from around the Yard. But Leo is in such a hurry that he mistakes the box with the metal figures in for recycling and dumps it at the Recycling Centre. Also inside the box, unknown to her, is Wendy's phone that she left on top by mistake. Meanwhile, Bob and the Machines build the Clock Tower.

Muck and the Elephant

S1 E44
Feb 16, 2016
Saffi has won a "Design a Statue" competition and now Bob and the team are turning her design into a water-fountain for the shopping mall. Saffi explains that her elephant statue design was based on her favourite toy, Mr Trunkers, but has since lost him. So when Muck is chosen to deliver the elephant statue, he promises to take extra special care of it for Saffi. But in his excitement, Muck accidentally knocks the elephant into a wall and scrapes off its paint. Muck can't quite bring himself to own up to Saffi, so decides to tell Bob what has happened first. On his way to tell Bob, Muck overhears Anish telling Saffi how proud he is of her statue. Muck panics and ends up damaging the elephant more. In fear of hurting everyone's feelings, Muck decides it is best that no one sees the elephant and hides out in the yard. But Roley arrives and sees the elephant. As Bob radios for Muck, Roley advises Muck that it is best to own up. earlier... Mr Trunkers, the lost toy.

Bob and the Masked Biker

S1 E45
Feb 17, 2016
When Skye Sampson asks Bob and Team to create a beach motocross course on Fixham Beach, Bob is so enthused he decides to compete himself. But it's been a while since he's ridden his old bike and he wonders if it will even make it round the course. While Bob and Curtis work on the bike, word gets out that there is a mysterious entrant called the Masked Biker. Scoop and Muck become convinced that the Masked Biker is Leo, hiding his identity to take part even though he isn't old enough to race. The Machines are also desperate to have a race of their own and, after a final check the night before, Bob rushes off to finish working on his bike and Muck and Scoop have an unofficial race that completely destroys the course. To make amends, they work through the night with Bob, Wendy and Leo and everyone is exhausted the next morning. Bob acquits himself admirably in the race but comes second to the Masked Biker, who is finally revealed to be Wendy!

Dizzy's Pirates

S1 E46
Feb 18, 2016
Mr Bentley is doing vocal warm-ups with the Spring City Rockets, and is about to begin rehearsals for his latest masterpiece, "A Pocketful of Pirates". As Bob, Wendy, Leo, Dizzy and Muck arrive to renovate the hilltop theatre, Mr Bentley encourages them to join in the warm-ups. But Bob proves to be a hopeless thespian. As he confesses: I'm a builder, not a actor!" But Dizzy shows theatrical flair. When Mr Bentley has to run home and retrieve an important prop, he asks Dizzy to assistant direct. She's so excited by the task that she accidentally tells Leo to use slow-drying cement instead of fast-drying cement as they begin paving a hillside track down to the theatre. Torn between two important tasks - the play and the build - Dizzy also messes up her directorial duties, telling Brandon to get his pirate props from the wrong box. The mix-up causes disaster, and culminates in Dizzy plunging down the amphitheatre steps and breaking the prop pirate ship.

City Beach

S1 E47
Feb 19, 2016
Team Bob are on site to create a temporary city beach for the summer in Spring City. Bob explains that they will be using sand from a real beach. Mr. Bentley interrupts to inform them that he wants it to be a 'Blue Ribbon' beach, an eco award for the cleanest, safest beaches, so they will have to work hard to keep the site tidy. There will be an inspection later in the day and he is determined for them to get the award for Spring City. Lofty takes this very seriously and is worried when Muck spills sand on the site. Mr Bentley is on a tidying mission and reminds Muck about the surprise inspection: it could be anyone at any time, so he has to keep vigilant and keep clean. Muck's paranoia grows as he worries that various innocent pedestrians might be the mystery inspector. Then in a panic that one of them really is, he dumps a load of sand over the half-painted beach huts and tools on the site in an attempt to hide them.

The Silver Shield

S1 E48
Feb 22, 2016
Bob, Leo, Muck and Scoop are at Fixham Castle to clear a courtyard wall and restore a bricked-up archway to its original splendour. Leo is taken by a statue of Sir Roger de Fixham riding a horse in the courtyard and Muck and Scoop play charging knights. After the wall is cleared they hear a strange beeping noise. It turns out to be Mr. Bentley who is searching for buried treasure with his metal detector. Bentley tells them The Legend of the Silver Shield - a shield that the knight on the statue originally held but which was later buried somewhere in the castle grounds. Scoop is transfixed! While Bob and the others knock out the bricks from the Archway, Scoop decides to dig around for buried treasure. Unfortunately he digs a trench alongside the Castle wall causing it to become unstable. Bob calls Wendy to bring accro-props to prop up the wall. While they wait, Muck and Scoop help by pushing up against the wall to stop it from leaning.

Scoop Cries Wolf

S1 E49
Feb 23, 2016
Bob tells a tired Scoop to stay behind at Bob's Yard as he goes to build an ice-cream kiosk at the beach. Scoop keeps finding spurious reasons to radio Bob and make him return to the yard. Finally there's a real crisis but Bob doesn't believe its anything serious. Scoop takes a burning bin to the beach where it falls on the kiosk roof. Scoop saves the kiosk by scooping sand onto the roof.

Battle Of the Boards

S1 E50
Feb 24, 2016
Mayor Madison has commissioned a skate park so that the Spring City Rockets can enter an online action sports video. As Bob and the team set to work building it, Scoop, Muck and Lofty ask Leo if he can skate. Although he's never actually set foot on a board, Leo gets swept up in the moment and boasts that he's an amazing skateboarder, nicknamed "Lightning Leo". When Brandon announces that they need one more rider to join them in the video (competition rules) Dizzy is keen to have a go, demonstrating her skill on four wheels. But the machines insist Lightning Leo should be in it... and suddenly Leo finds himself slated for a "Battle of the Boards" contest with Dizzy once the skate park has been completed. He dashes off to buy a skateboard kit (including an action camera), and returns to the park to practice. His attempts land him flat out on the footpath, and upside down in shrubs! Bob and Wendy offer to help him learn to skate, and soon Leo is showing competence.