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    Big Cat Country

    S1 E1 The Invasion Begins

    Journey to one of Africa's last lion strongholds. Here, every pride is in a constant battle to keep its territory. The mighty lionesses of the Hollywood pride have held onto power for years, but without any males to mate with, they are at risk of dying out. Nearby, the 17-member MK pride is ruled by aging males who are struggling to maintain their reign. When four young nomadic males show up, they bring with them disruption and violence.

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Big Cat Country
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Journey to Zambia's Luangwa Valley, a landscape abundant with prey. In the spectacular wilderness, two neighboring lion prides lay claim to prime hunting territory. The mighty MKs and the Hollywood lionesses must find mates to ensure their future. When the Nomads, a group of rampaging young males, invade their land in search of new territory, these two prides are in for the fight of their lives.
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Big Cat Country