Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

This Is Not My Comfort Zone

S1 E1
Mar 16, 2022
The nine celebrities set up a shelter in the Panama jungle, only to have host Mauro Ranallo divide them into two teams to embark on their first intense, muddy adventure challenge. When one celebrity finds herself in danger as she continues to sink into the mud bog, she must put her faith in a teammate to reach safety.

The Hardest Night of My Life

S1 E2
Mar 23, 2022
After attempting to sleep through a rainstorm, three celebrities step up to lead their teams through the Sooner than Ladder challenge; one player must face his fear of heights; one celebrity considers ringing the bell.

Quitting is not an Option

S1 E3
Mar 30, 2022
With eight celebrities remaining in the Panama jungle, Colton seeks medical care after a snake bite, and Jodie struggles with a solo 67-yard swim during the 'Banner Yet Wave' adventure challenge.

Not Here To Play, Here To Win

S1 E4
Apr 06, 2022
When a player falls overboard during the "Fair Trade" adventure challenge, one team must work together to save their teammate so they can remain in the race for the $40,000 prize money for their charities. Also, the eight celebrities struggle to sleep through the night after their camp becomes infested with ants.

We Ain't in Hollywood No More

S1 E5
Apr 13, 2022
The eight remaining celebrities push themselves past their limits as their physical injuries begin to take a toll. Also, two celebrities step up as captains in hopes of advancing on the leaderboard to earn more money for their charities, and one celeb seeks medical attention after taking a dangerous fall during the "Total Recall" challenge.

It's Your Super Bowl

S1 E6
Apr 20, 2022
The seven remaining celebrities come together to celebrate Coach Mike Singletary's birthday. Also, teams must work together to trek one mile through a rugged swamp and rappel down a six-story cliff during the "Witness the Fitness" challenge. And one celeb seeks medical attention for their swollen jaw and considers ringing the bell.

Hips Don't Lie

S1 E7
Apr 27, 2022
With only six celebrities remaining, they work in pairs to solve a puzzle about pop culture during the "Quest Love Adventure" challenge to earn an additional $55,000 for their charities .Also, one celebrity worries that their physical pain is making them a liability to the others and thinks about ringing the bell.

Bird Brain

S1 E8
May 04, 2022
One celebrity rings the bell before the start of a challenge, leaving five to advance their place on the leaderboard and earn more money for their charities. In the "Wings Over Panama" adventure challenge, two captains step up to lead teams through the jungle, navigating natural and man-made obstacles, to reach a bird-viewing deck and decipher a bird-themed phrase. The winning team will earn $60,000 to split among their charities.

Ask a Monkey for Help

S1 E9
May 11, 2022
As five celebrities race to traverse a swamp during the "Snake Eggs" adventure challenge, one experiences physical ailments that make them consider ringing the bell.

One More Adventure

S1 E10
May 18, 2022
After an inspiring and challenging season filled with emotion, only a few celebrities remain in the running to be named the winner and raise the most money for their charity.