Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Go Behind the Scenes with Amy

S1 E1
Apr 17, 2013
As Amy gears up for her new TV show, she also works on a new set of jokes about whiskey clit and HPV for her upcoming stand-up performances.

The Writers' Room

S1 E2
Apr 18, 2013
The writers of Inside Amy Schumer prove to be both the funniest and worst people Amy knows in a classic installment from this series of shorts.

Amy Goes to Vegas

S1 E3
Apr 19, 2013
While in Las Vegas with her sister Kim, Amy asks where she can get an AIDS test, refuses to let Kim hold her hair back and zings a rowdy audience member.

Making Inside Amy Schumer

S1 E4
Apr 20, 2013
During production of Amy's TV show, she and her writers team up to make every joke count, whether it's about 1930s porn starlets or puppies.

Amy on Stage

S1 E5
Apr 21, 2013
Amy notes the differences between male and female comedians and riffs with everyone from her cab driver to audience members.