Season 1

Episode Guide

The Good the Bad and the Snotty/Escape from the Barnyard

S1 E1
Sep 28, 2007
Otis and the animals put on a fake commercial to trick the Farmer into going to the made-up "TurnipCon," allowing Otis to throw himself a giant birthday bash, but the plan backfires when Snotty Boy is hired to "barn-sit."

Cowman and Ratboy/Cow's Best Friend

S1 E2
Oct 05, 2007
Otis and Pip form a superhero duo, but their heroic antics annoy everyone in the barnyard. Otis and Pip sulk by a road when they save the Pizza Twins from falling off a cliff.

Chez Pig/The Right Cow

S1 E3
Oct 12, 2007
When Otis sees that humans love Pig's truffle pies as much as they do, he convinces the animals to open a theme restaurant in which they pretend they're humans in animal costumes.

Saving Mrs. Beady/The Farmer Takes a Woman

S1 E4
Oct 19, 2007
The animals accidentally get Mrs. Beady committed to a mental institution, which makes Otis happy until he hears what happens to people in those places. He vows to spring her, but when they're seen, she starts going crazy!

Hypno-A-Go-Go/Fowl Play

S1 E5
Nov 23, 2007
Otis has a blast hypnotizing his barnyard pals into doing silly, demeaning things. The animals' attempts to get him back backfire when Otis is hypnotized into destroying the farmer whenever he hears a bell.

The Barnyard Games/War of the Pranks

S1 E6
Jan 18, 2008
The animals stage a Barnyard Olympics, with Otis letting Abby the cow compete out of the kindness of his heart. She whips him in event after event.

Lights, Camera, Moo!/Animal Farmers

S1 E7
Feb 01, 2008
When the barn's 50-year-old safety film melts in the projector, Otis vows to make a new one and become a famous movie director in the process. His blind ambition causes his barnyard cast to get injured so often that they quit!

Raging Cow/Great Sheep Escape

S1 E8
Feb 15, 2008
Otis uses his patented wrestling moves to toss a heckling horse out of the barn. A fight- promoting hedgehog sees this and grooms Otis to be his next star! Otis creams his opponents one after another.

The Big Barnyard Broadcast/Dead Cow Walking

S1 E9
Mar 14, 2008
Mrs. Beady videotapes the animals walking and talking and is going to air her footage on live TV! Otis and the crew pirate the TV signal and broadcast their own show to bide time while they try to steal back the evidence.

Cow's Night Out/Otis Season

S1 E10
Mar 28, 2008
It's Moose Appreciation Week, so Otis disguises himself as a moose to get in on the freebees and handouts. Unfortunately, by the time gets his costume together, it's the next day -- the official start of Moose Hunting Season.

Big Top Barnyard/Pigmalion

S1 E11
Apr 11, 2008
After accidentally injuring an entire troupe of circus performers, Otis enlists his friends into replacing them so the show can go on. But Abby refuses to do her signature Triple Flipperoo.

A Barn Day's Night/Meet the Ferrets

S1 E12
Apr 25, 2008
Otis and the gang become overnight pop sensations when Pip broadcasts a performance of a song they wrote and performed at the Saloon on the spur of the moment. Peck quits in disgust over the band members' egos.

Tale of 2 Snottys/Snotty's New Pet

S1 E13
May 09, 2008
After Snotty Boy is knocked unconscious while terrorizing the barnyard, Otis sends a disguised Pig over to the Beadys' as Snotty Boy so they don't get suspicious. But Pig prefers living there and refuses to come home.

Home Sweet Hole/Otis's Mom

S1 E14
May 23, 2008
After Otis accidentally destroys Pip's mouse hole, Pip tries moving in with other members of the barnyard, all ending badly. Concluding that the other animals have grown sick of him, he runs away to live in a bee hive.

Chronicles Of Barnia/Club Otis

S1 E15
Jun 06, 2008
Snotty Boy stumbles on the animals playing "Dungeons and Barn Animals." Fearing he'll go to the authorities, Otis convinces Snotty that he's entered the magical realm of Barnia.

Barnyard Idol/The Haunting

S1 E16
Jul 21, 2008
When the animals overhear Pig singing to his pet skunk in a beautiful tenor voice, they enter him on "Do You Gots It?", a popular singing competition.

Brave Udders/Otis' 11

S1 E17
Jul 23, 2008
Otis gets a letter from his childhood bully saying he's "coming" for him. Otis freaks remembering all the beat-downs at his bully's hands. With the help of his friends, Otis decides to confront the bully.

School Of Otis/Top Cow

S1 E18
Sep 27, 2008
Otis is forced to take over teaching the kid animals after he injures their teacher in a scooter stunt gone wrong. Not big on book-learnin', Otis tosses away the lesson plan and decides to teach the kids how to have fun.

Otis for Mayor/Dummy and Dummier

S1 E19
Sep 26, 2008
When Mrs. Beady decides to run for Mayor, Otis realizes he has to run against her or face her anti-talking animals policies.

Some Like it Snotty

S1 E20
Oct 23, 2008
When Pig starts acting crazily to his barnyard friends, he explains that the behavior is caused by his hormonal need to return to his spawning grounds and marry. The animals accompany him to his birthplace and meet his bride.

Otis VS Bigfoot/Pecky Suave

S1 E21
Nov 17, 2008
The animals go Bigfoot hunting, but Abby finds on capturing him that he's harmless and deserves to be sheltered from humans at the barnyard.

Cowman: The Uddered Avenger

S1 E22
Nov 28, 2008
The horticultural mad scientist, Professor Twiny Vines, teams up with Mrs. Beady to turn the townspeople against Cowman and Ratboy and create chaos with a giant corn monster.

Pig Amok/Sun Cow

S1 E23
Jan 22, 2009
Otis tells Abby that girls get all the breaks, and then sets out to prove it by dressing as a girl to go bowling with his pals. But they run into Snotty Boy and his friends, who pressure them into going on a pizza date.

Doggelganger/Save The Clams

S1 E24
Jan 24, 2009
When Duke is taken to the vet, a beagle switches their charts, paints himself to look like Duke and goes to live at the barnyard...and the animals can't tell the difference.

Adventures in Snotty Sitting/Cowdyshack

S1 E25
Feb 25, 2009
Seeing an ad to babysit, the animals decide to make some quick cash by dressing up as nannies. Only when Mrs. Beady answers the door do they realize they're babysitting Snotty Boy!