Angel From Hell's 21 Most Memorable Mutterings

"Boobs dude."

Angel From Hell certainly has not shortage of hilarious banter and one liners, but some of the funniest moments are actually quips from under the characters' breaths. 

Here are TK asides you might have missed.

First, Amy reveals to Allison that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. When telling her this earth-shattering news she can't help but over share the details of the scandalous hookup. Though she says she won't go into details, under her breath Amy says, "Second base" to which Allison responds "What?!" Amy, again under breath, "Boobs dude." 

"Your beard is ridiculous. Why?"

When Amy first pops into Allison's life at the farmer's market, she can't help but comment on Allison's boyfriend's appearance laughing at his "ridiculous beard." 

"You’re getting a face full of the sisters now aren’t you?"

Amy was so excited to meet Allison's dad Marv, that she gave him a bit of a too-close-for-comfort hug. She softly muttered how he must be getting a "face full" of her "sisters."

"$5,000! Hah! that’s a good way to start."

Amy worked her magic to try and repair Allison's ruined friendship with Kelly by having Allison be the anonymous buyer of her ex best friend's $5,000 painting. Allison was just as shocked to find out the price tag. 

"Walk very slowly in case she changes her mind."

Amy tried to win Allison over, but wasn't sure she fully committed. So, after Amy told Allison she understood if she couldn't handle having her guardian angel around, she whispered about walking slowly to give Allison a chance to change her mind. 

"We all make mistakes. You brought a baby into a nightclub."

When Allison found herself in a situation of being confronted by the wife of man she just kissed in the nightclub, Amy made light of the situation by quietly commenting on the wife bringing a baby into the said club. 

"Who could forget the hottest brother since Idrias Elba?"

The always flirtatious Amy couldn't help but make a comment about Allison's brother Brad's looks. 

"It’s so crazy I’m in your house and you’re awake."

When Allison bravely invited Amy over for a drink, the guardian angel quipped how crazy it was to be in the house with Allison awake.

"I wasn’t screaming. I was scrambling its sonar."

Tough guy Brad was trying to stand up for himself when Allison claimed he got scared by a bat once and started screaming. His excuse? His screams were to throw off the bat and not our of fear.

"Never saw those movies, but I feel like I get it."

Brad and his dad Marv hatched a plan to heckle Allison's boyfriend who cheated on her at his upcoming concert. When in the planning stages, Marv quotes some Liam Neeson movies, to which Brad responded he never heard of them, but still got the gist of it.

"Are you crying? Because we get bonuses for epiphany tears."

Amy wants to help Allison, but in the process was looking for guardian angel bonuses by getting her assigned human to cry.

"Good for me. I’m loving it. Some vertigo and full body sweats. I am a little weak actually, but good."

Brad's crush on Amy's friend Jill lead him to do a juice cleanse with her only to found out that she gave it up. When she asked how it was going, he tried to play it cool, but muttered the secret hell he was experiencing. 

"Are you kidding me?"

Big brother Brad wanted to stand up for his sister after it was revealed that her boyfriend was cheating on her, but the only thing he could manage to do was repeat exactly what Allison was saying from the background.

" Ok, yeah you’d have to call that indecent shoplifting."

Allison's dad Marv and brother Brad were concerned about her new friend Amy so they did some investigating. They found out she did in fact have a criminal record, but it was filled with offenses they never heard of before. 

"I'm sorry I should take this."

Brad talked up a big game about how he was selling a ton of houses for his real estate business. But, when Allison asked why he was making dad pay for lunch, Brad grabbed his phone saying he suddenly needed to make a call only to be corrected by his father who said that it was in fact his cell phone.

"Crazy talk? That’s not very PC. It’s called Spanish."

During one of Amy's heart-to-hearts, Allison remarked how what Amy was saying was crazy. This only prompted the quick-witted angel to point out a Spanish-speaking waiter behind them saying it was impolite to call the language "crazy talk." 

"Santa’s got some room right here if you’ve been a good girl."

Brad admitted he can't help but flirt back when Amy is around and did so again by making a suggestive side comment.

"You had an amazing time before you kissed a married man…who had a wife…who had a baby."

Brad was trying to comfort his sister after she accidentally kissed a married man, but awkwardly brought up the series of unfortunate events again under his breath.

"I work in the art world as a part time full-nude model."

When Allison questioned how Amy knew about her ex best friend's art show, she responded with a somewhat surprising answer. 

"Call me any time ok? My phone is always on…mute. So, leave a message."

As Amy was saying goodbye to one of her friends at the halfway house she said the woman could call her anytime, but followed up with softly spoken caveats.

"Let the boy sing. Just don’t let him date your daughter."

Marv and Brad's heckling plan when awry when Allison's ex started signing a song about the two of them. When the rest of the crowd started heckling him, Marv turned around and stood up for the ex...sort of.