9 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Lynch

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways before Angel From Hell premieres this fall.
Posted on Jul 20, 2015 | 07:20am
If we've learned anything about Jane Lynch over the past 17 years she's been lighting up screens—both big and small—it's that the Midwest native is a national treasure. 

Sure, we know she can sing cabaret and rock a tracksuit like nobody's business, but what are some other tidbits about Jane that make her so ah-mah-zing? Glad you asked...

1. She's deaf in her right ear. It wasn't until Jane was 7 years old that her hearing loss was diagnosed. 

2. Jane has a Llaso Apso, who happens to wear a diaper and is named after Olivia Newton-John. The only thing that rivals Jane's love of animals is her adoration for the Australian singer/actress. That's why it made perfect sense for Jane to name her beloved pooch after the Grease star. 

Hanging in Montecito with Livs

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3. She's a coffee addict. If you follow Jane on Twitter, then you know she often gives recommendations for great new spots to grab a cup of joe. 

4. She's 6-feet-tall. That equals 1.83 meters, 183 centimeters, or 72.04 inches. 


5. She has an MFA in theater from Cornell University. Funny and smart? Why are we not surprised. 

6. Jane portrayed Carol Brady in the stage play The Real Live Brady Bunch. Weaving in scripts from the classic '70s sitcom, this off-Broadway sensation cast Lynch as the family matriarch Carol, complete with that impossibly perky attitude and signature mullet flip hairdo.

7. She met director Christopher Guest while filming a Frosted Flakes commercial and he then cast her in Best In ShowThis particular film marked Jane's first collaboration with the mockumentary director; however, she would go on to co-star in two more of his films, 2003's A Mighty Wind and 2006's For Your Consideration

8. Jane played the role of Amelia Earhart in The Aviator but her part was cut. Next time we talk with director Martin Scorsese, remind us to ask him about this one.

9. She loves workout clothes, but hates working out. We wonder if her Glee wardrobe helped fuel her love of loungewear. 


Fall even more in love with Jane Lynch when she stars on Angel From Hell, which premieres Thursday, Nov. 5 at 9:30/8:30c.