Season 2024

Episode Guide

7/11: America Decides

S2024 E110
Jul 11, 2024
Can President Biden's NATO news conference save his candidacy? Milwaukee's mayor previews the Republican National Convention.

7/10: America Decides

S2024 E109
Jul 10, 2024
President Biden hosts NATO leaders amid reelection bid concerns; former President Donald Trump goes after Mr. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at rally.

7/9: America Decides

S2024 E108
Jul 9, 2024
The NATO summit is underway in Washington; the Republican Party makes changes to its platform.

7/8: America Decides

S2024 E107
Jul 8, 2024
Defiant Biden says he's "not going anywhere"; World leaders arrive in U.S. for NATO summit.

America Decides Special: The Voices Behind the Polls

S2024 E106
Jul 4, 2024
For a special Independence Day edition of America Decides, CBS Reports goes behind the polls for unfiltered conversations with voters about the state of freedom and the American Dream. The half-hour documentary is followed by an America Decides panel of CBS News political contributors including Anthony Salvanto, Major Garrett, Fin Gomez, and Caitlin Huey-Burns who break down what it all might mean for the election in November.

7/3: America Decides

S2024 E105
Jul 3, 2024
Concern mounts among Democratic lawmakers over Biden's candidacy; What to know about the U.K.'s July 4 election

7/2: America Decides

S2024 E104
Jul 2, 2024
White House defends Biden after debate performance; First lady Jill Biden courts Latino voters

7/1: America Decides

S2024 E103
Jul 1, 2024
Examining the fallout from Supreme Court's Trump immunity ruling; Voters respond to Biden's debate performance

6/27: America Decides

S2024 E102
Jun 27, 2024
What to expect from the first debate between a current and former president; Rep. Byron Donalds previews first 2024 debate

6/26: America Decides

S2024 E101
Jun 26, 2024
Supreme Court admits Idaho abortion document briefly uploaded; What led to Jamaal Bowman's primary loss?

6/25: America Decides

S2024 E100
Jun 25, 2024
What to know about New York's bitter Bowman-Latimer primary; U.S. postal service will issue a stamp to honor late "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek

6/24: America Decides

S2024 E99
Jun 24, 2024
Biden leads Trump among young voters, but will they turn out?; Battleground state voters express concerns about state of democracy

6/20: America Decides

S2024 E98
Jun 20, 2024
Biden and Trump prepare for first 2024 presidential debate; Giants, Cardinals to play at Rickwood Field

6/19: America Decides

S2024 E97
Jun 19, 2024
President Biden to prep for debate at Camp David; Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Ohio for $15 minimum wage initiative

6/18: America Decides

S2024 E96
Jun 18, 2024
Pres. Biden offers legal status to some undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens; Trump campaigns in Wisconsin after reportedly calling Milwaukee "horrible"

6/17: America Decides

S2024 E95
Jun 17, 2024
Trump meets with House Speaker Johnson at Mar-a-Lago; U.S. surgeon general calls on Congress to put a warning label on social media apps.

6/13: America Decides

S2024 E94
Jun 13, 2024
Why the Supreme Court rejected challenge to abortion pill access; Jan. 6 rioters leave taxpayers footing bill for Capitol damage

6/12: America Decides

S2024 E93
Jun 12, 2024
What's on Biden's G7 summit agenda?; Majority of voters disapprove of Kamala Harris' job as VP, poll finds

6/11: America Decides

S2024 E92
Jun 11, 2024
What to know about Hunter Biden's federal gun conviction; key races in Tuesday's primary elections.

6/10: America Decides

S2024 E91
Jun 10, 2024
Why the 2024 race is so close right now; What far-right victories could mean for EU

6/6: America Decides

S2024 E90
Jun 6, 2024
President Biden draws parallels between 1944 and now during a speech commemorating D-Day; NAACP calls on Biden to halt weapons to Israel, push for immediate and permanent cease-fire

6/5: America Decides

S2024 E89
Jun 5, 2024
President Biden travels to France for 80th anniversary of D-Day; Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial continues in Delaware; and former President Donald Trump's running mate options gaining spotlight.

6/4: America Decides

S2024 E88
Jun 4, 2024
Breaking down President Biden's new immigration order; states hold first set of primaries after Trump verdict.

6/3: America Decides

S2024 E87
Jun 3, 2024
Full jury seated in Hunter Biden federal gun trial; How new Mexican president plans to curb crime

5/30: America Decides

S2024 E86
May 30, 2024
Trump guilty of criminal charges; Secret Service plan if Trump were to serve time

5/29: America Decides

S2024 E85
May 29, 2024
Jury considering 34 felony counts against former president; Court to hear challenges to TikTok ban in Sept.

5/28: America Decides

S2024 E84
May 28, 2024
Closing arguments underway in Trump criminal trial; YouTuber challenging incumbent Texas Republican in runoff election

5/23: America Decides

S2024 E83
May 23, 2024
Trump makes Bronx first campaign stop in his home city; Why George Floyd Act has stalled in U.S. Senate

5/22: America Decides

S2024 E82
May 22, 2024
What unsealed records say about the classified documents investigation of former President Donald Trump, and how a bill approved by the Louisiana House could impact reproductive rights in that state.

5/21: America Decides

S2024 E81
May 21, 2024
Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani appear in court for separate cases; 4 states holding primary elections

5/20: America Decides

S2024 E80
May 20, 2024
Judge clears courtroom to admonish Trump witness in "hush money" trial; Nearly 80 officials who are election “deniers” overseeing voting in swing states

5/16: America Decides

S2024 E79
May 16, 2024
Michael Cohen cross-examined in Trump “hush money” trial; Elected officials share personal mental health struggles

5/15: America Decides

S2024 E78
May 15, 2024
Biden and Trump agree to two presidential debates; Could Larry Hogan flip Maryland's Senate seat red?

5/14: America Decides

S2024 E77
May 14, 2024
Michael Cohen faces cross-examination in Trump "hush money" trial; RFK Jr. claims to qualify for Texas ballot

5/13: America Decides

S2024 E76
May 13, 2024
Michael Cohen takes the stand in Trump “hush money” trial; Therapy dogs bring joy to government workers in Washington, D.C.

5/9: America Decides

S2024 E75
May 9, 2024
Trump lawyers take on Stormy Daniels' Lake Tahoe claim; What Arizona is doing for election security in November

5/8: America Decides

S2024 E74
May 1, 2024
Biden campaigns in Pennsylvania as IDF encroaches on Rafah; Marjorie Taylor Greene calls up motion to oust Speaker Johnson.

5/7: America Decides

S2024 E73
May 7, 2024
Former President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial; President Biden condemns antisemitism during Holocaust remembrance ceremony; Florida becomes first U.S. state to ban lab-grown meat.

5/6: America Decides

S2024 E72
May 6, 2024
News of the Day: Trump in contempt, cease-fire talk; How Biden, Harris team are campaigning in Michigan

5/2: America Decides

S2024 E71
May 2, 2024
Biden says violent protest is not protected; U.S. Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks discusses Maryland race

5/1: America Decides

S2024 E70
May 1, 2024
Florida’s six-week abortion ban takes effect; former first lady Michelle Obama surprises students for college signing day.

4/30: America Decides

S2024 E69
Apr 30, 2024
Columbia University students occupy campus building as tensions rise; President Biden, former President Donald Trump in tight race in three swing states.

4/29: America Decides

S2024 E68
Apr 29, 2024
Biden, Netanyahu discuss possible cease-fire; Why some Black male voters in Georgia say they're backing Republicans.

4/25: America Decides

S2024 E67
Apr 25, 2024
How Trump's team supports "absolute immunity" claim; White House celebrates Bring Your Child to Work Day.

4/24: America Decides

S2024 E66
Apr 24, 2024
President Biden signs foreign aid package into law; House Speaker Mike Johnson visits Columbia University amid protests

4/23: America Decides

S2024 E65
Apr 23, 2024
President Biden and former President Donald Trump are absent from Pennsylvania Tuesday as voters head to the polls; how major PACs are footing Trump's legal bills.

4/22: America Decides

S2024 E64
Apr 22, 2024
Witnesses called in historic Trump criminal trial; Will GOP reunite behind Trump as nominee?

4/18: America Decides

S2024 E63
Apr 18, 2024
Full jury selected in Trump 'hush money' trial; Arizona near abortion ban intact as GOP block repeal

4/17: America Decides

S2024 E62
Apr 17, 2024
Senate rejects Mayorkas articles of impeachment; Biden pitches economic strategy to steelworkers

4/16: America Decides

S2024 E61
Apr 16, 2024
First 7 jurors selected in Trump "hush money" trial; Speaker Mike Johnson unveils foreign aid plan