Season 1

Episode Guide

My First Day at Daycare

S1 E1
Feb 01, 1999
Three year-old Allegra is very nervous about attending her first day of Daycare. Accompanied by family and friends, she enters into a new world which at first seems overwhelming.

Where's Godfrey?

S1 E2
Feb 02, 1999
When Allegra loses "Godfrey the Octopus", her favorite stuffed toy, she is devastated. Everyone in Hummingbird Alley helps to look for Godfrey, and the concern and understanding her friends demonstrate helps Allegra to deal with her loss.

My Own Monster

S1 E3
Feb 03, 1999
Allegra and Lindi are frightened when Rondo and Riff pretend that scary monsters lurk inside the boys' new fort. At Daycare, the girls learn monsters are not only imaginary--but can also be fun!

Small Is Beautiful

S1 E4
Feb 04, 1999
Allegra feels terribly frustrated--she's always being told she's "too little". She can't play with her brother's toys or assist Mr. Cook in his diner.

The Imaginary Zoo

S1 E5
Feb 05, 1999
Rondo goes on a class trip to the zoo, and Allegra and her friends long to go with him. At Daycare, Ms. Melody takes them on a different type of "field trip" helping them to create their own, imaginary zoo.

The Zootabaga Caper

S1 E6
Feb 07, 1999
Allegra enjoys discovering new things at Daycare, until she's asked to sample a new food--fresh blue zootabagas! She stubbornly resists--any new food she hasn't tried has to be yucky!

I've Got a Secret

S1 E7
Feb 08, 1999
Allegra inadvertently slips up and reveals a big secret Lindi shared with her. Lindi is furious; the plan to surprise Riff with a newly refurbished guitar is ruined.

Lots of Turkey Pox

S1 E8
Feb 09, 1999
When Allegra awakens with a case of Turkey Pox, she fears she will miss out on all the fun at Daycare. But with the help of her faithful pal Lindi and her Dad, she finds she can join the day's activity from her bedside.

Don't Touch My Stuff

S1 E9
Feb 10, 1999
Allegra accidentally damages her brother's new prized toy, after being warned not to touch it. Rondo is so upset with her, he pretends she has become invisible, and Allegra fears he will stop being her brother!

The Big Concert

S1 E10
Feb 11, 1999
Allegra is excited about singing backup in Rondo and Riff's big musical concert..until she realizes there is going to be a big audience. Reed shares his own experiences of "stage fright" with her.

Puppy Power to the Rescue

S1 E11
Feb 14, 1999
Allegra and her friends love playing at being super-heroes. But one day, Lindi almost starts believing she has the super powers of her favorite comic book heroine "Power Puppy" and determines she will find Mr. Cook's missing oven timer.

When is Reed Coming Home?

S1 E12
Feb 15, 1999
Reed is going on a trip, and Allegra worries when and if he will return? Reed tries to case the separation by teaching all the children a song to sing when they feel lonely. Even so, Riff becomes convinced Reed will never come back.

Bandages R Us!

S1 E13
Feb 16, 1999
Lindi hurts her paw, and Allegra not wanting for friend to feel alone while she recuperates, is determined to wear a bandage as well. This pleases Lindi but totally confuses Riff, who can't understand why Allegra wears a bandage when she isn't hurt.

Read Me a Story

S1 E14
Feb 17, 1999
Allegra is impressed when Rondo proudly reads a story to her, and is determined to being learning the skill herself. She takes the first step at Daycare, when Ms. Melody involves the class in "writing" a book.

Allegra Has a Bad Day

S1 E15
Feb 18, 1999
Awakening late, seeing a cloudy sky, and then knocking a drum over at Reed's workshop, Allegra is having a bad day. At Daycare, the day gets worse: she discovers she's forgotten her lunch!

Waiting for Grandma

S1 E16
Feb 21, 1999
Grandma is coming and it's time for the Holiday Happy Hoopla. Allegra and Rondo can't wait. Mom tells them that staying busy will make the time go faster.

Nothing to Do

S1 E17
Feb 22, 1999
Riff's gone catfishing, and Rondo can't find anyone to do magic tricks with. Everyone else on Hummingbird Alley is going to Allegra's tea party.

Time Out

S1 E18
Feb 23, 1999
Playing at the breakfast table, Allegra and Rondo disobey their mother and break a family rule about not standing on chairs. This earns them both a time out.