Season 2

Episode Guide

Episode 216

S2 E1
Oct 7, 1995
The cast flashes back to their auditions for the show; Good Burger Commercial; Vital Information; Louder Librarian; Randy and Mandy: Dental Dilemma.

Episode 217

S2 E2
Oct 7, 1995
The cast hijacks the directors chair; Happy Ishboo To You; Vital Information; Island Girls; Everyday French With Pierre Escargot; Detective Dan; Vital Monica (Lori Beth catches Monica giving Vital Information.)

Episode 218

S2 E3
Oct 14, 1995
An odd game of Spin the Bottle before the show open; Kreeton Gets Cat; Vital Information; That's cheatin'; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Alex Sax a parody of "Alex Mack."

Episode 219

S2 E4
Oct 21, 1995
Kids use the director to demonstrate what happened during their fight, evenutally hanging him from the ceiling by his feet; Superdudes' Date; Vital Information; Teacher's Pet Wars; Everyday French With Pierre Escargot; Repairman; Mavis & Clavis.

Episode 220

S2 E5
Nov 4, 1995
Josh lives everyone's worst nightmare by showing up for work in his Skivvies; Good Burger; Vital Information; The Goof-Off's: Surgeons; Loud Librarian; Vital Information; Mavis & Clavis.

Episode 221

S2 E6
Nov 11, 1995
The audience is missing, not to worry - four hundred of them are in the safe hands of 13 year old cast member Katrina; Baggin' Saggin Who; Vital Information; Earboy: Pork on a Stick; Island Girls.

Episode 222

S2 E7
Nov 18, 1995
After waking up form a nap, Kel has to revive his still sleeping legs in order to make it to the show on time; The Okrah Show; Vital Information; Repairman Rocks; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Complaint Department.

Episode 223

S2 E8
Dec 2, 1995
The cast opens gifts they have received from fans. Ishboo's sleepover. Vital Information. Relentless Little Pansy: a young girl who will stop at nothing to sell her cookies. Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. Loudest Librarian. Peter & Flem

Episode 224

S2 E9
Dec 9, 1995
The cast competes to see who can keep their hand submerged in a bucket of ice water the longest. Good Burger. Vital Information. Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. Dr. K. meets Roseanne. Peter & Flem.

Episode 225

S2 E10
Dec 23, 1995
The cast tells Santa what they want for Christmas. Randy and Mandy. Vital Information. Superdude saves Christmas. Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. Lemonade Scammer: Cops. Peter & Flem.

Episode 226

S2 E11
Jan 6, 1996
Kel drinks Katrina's new invention and Poof! He's gone! Superdude Meets Butterboy. Vital Information. Bad Breath III: The Scent of Fear! Bad Toys. Everyday French. Date Sabotage: Katrina sabotages her big sister's date. Peter & Flem.

Episode 227

S2 E12
Jan 13, 1996
The cast's wishes come true if they sink a jump shot. Coach Kreeton tries to teach his gym class how to wrestle. Vital Information. Earboy: The Rossy Shuffle. Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. Lemonade Scammer. Peter & Flem.

Episode 228

S2 E13
Jan 20, 1996
The cast's refrigerator gets up and runs out of the room. Okrah II. Vital Information. Ishboo's father unexpectedly visits his son in Ms. Fingerly's class. Randy & Mandy's Chocolate Inventions.

Episode 229

S2 E14
Apr 6, 1996
Mark Curry (from Hanging with Mr. Cooper) guest stars and has a run-in with Ed the Goodburger guy at the drive through. Ms. Fingerly riffs with the band "Bacteria" on the guitar.

Episode 230

S2 E15
Apr 13, 1996
Island Girls have their latest attempt at being rescued.

Episode 231

S2 E16
Sep 28, 1996
The Wizard of Coz: All That's spin on the land of Oz with Kenan as Bill Cosby.

Episode 232

S2 E17
Oct 5, 1996
Cheese police bust. (The Cheese Police strike again to try thwart crime and cut the cheese) and a very foreign visit to the doctor by ISHBOO.

Episode 233

S2 E18
Apr 20, 1996
Superdude gets shrunk by an electronic device by his evil nemesis, Milkman.Then the tables are turned on Milkman as he gets shrunk. Loud Librarian brings her pet parrot to the library and it sets off fireworks.

Episode 234

S2 E19
Oct 12, 1996
Card Trick; Good Blur-ger; Vital Information; Boy Meets Goat; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Nurse Tinkle; Peter and Flem

Episode 235

S2 E20
Oct 19, 1996
Good Booo-ger; Vital Information; Earboy on Trial; Did You Hear...; Peter & Flem

Episode 236

S2 E21
Jan 21, 1995
Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? It's all Good Burger sketches in this Good Burger special, dude.

Episode 237

S2 E22
Oct 26, 1996
Ice Cream Truck; Vital Information; Parallel Planet; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Detective Dan at the Museum; Peter and Flem