Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Welcome to the Shore!

S1 E1
Jun 28, 2022
14 global reality stars move into the ultimate Shore house, ready to compete in the first ever party competition show! But when a rumor threatens to kill their vibe, and a budding romance, the All Stars set out to find the person responsible.

We're All Small Prostitutes

S1 E2
Jun 28, 2022
Bethan confronts a rumor about Johnny. Angelina and Joey enjoy a catamaran trip with new allies. A foul Exile Game sends the losers to an even smellier Exile. And Blake and James compete for the same girl, while Marina makes a bold move on her crush.

It Must Have Been the Massage

S1 E3
Jul 05, 2022
Bottles are Poppin'and champagne is flowing at the second Paradise Game - until someone is caught cheating. Trina inserts herself into Bethan and Johnny's new romance - again. And Marina finds herself in the friendzone.

Burning Down The House

S1 E4
Jul 12, 2022
The house is fired up (literally) for a real American BBQ. Ricardo & Vanjie enjoy their Paradise Reward and debate who to send into the Exile Game against cheaters Angelina and Joey. Their final decision sends shockwaves through the villa.


S1 E5
Jul 19, 2022
Bethan and Marina try to decipher the clues to escape Exile hell. Another Paradise Game puts a new team in the lead. And Miss Vanjie throws a Drag Beauty Show. But when Joey chooses Chloe over Angelina to do his drag make-up, the drama begins.

Grab A Shot, You're Gonna Need It!

S1 E6
Jul 26, 2022
Joey brings Vanjie's Drag Show to an abrupt end. Blake & James have some difficult decisions to make. But before they can choose a team to compete against Chloe & Potro in the Exile Game, a twist sends shockwaves through the villa.

What A Load of Crap!

S1 E7
Aug 02, 2022
When a twist in the game upends everything, two unexpected teams battle it out in the dirtiest Exile Game yet. Johnny and Bethan find the sexile room and a margarita party at the villa gets steamy but leaves someone out in the cold.

Best Friends, Lots of Benefits

S1 E8
Aug 09, 2022
The All Stars compete in their first Paradise Game since swapping partners. Chloe reveals a secret to her new teammate. And a surprise trip to the beach club turns ugly when Joey and Chloe ditch their roommates.

A, B, C You Later

S1 E9
Aug 16, 2022
Everyone is mad at Joey and Chloe...again. An intense exile game exiles one player to the hospital, while another calls it quits. Bethan and Johnny talk geography, Blake proves chivalry is not dead, and the villa gets a new roommate.

The Game is Bigger Than You

S1 E10
Aug 23, 2022
Giannina has some explaining to do when Blake returns from exile. Angelina has to go to the hospital. And in their last Paradise Game, two teams secure their spots in the Final Shore Down. But a twist in the game changes everything.

The Final Shore-Down

S1 E11
Aug 30, 2022
In the season finale, five teams compete for the last spot in the Final Shore Down where they will face off against Karime & Ricardo and Marina & James in a three-way battle for the $150,000 grand prize. But one final twist changes the game.