• Bebe's Kids

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Robin Harris' infamous "Bebe's Kids" come to life in this animated feature from the producers of House Party and Boomerang. They were born to be bad and they don't die, they multiply. They're not monsters... just Bebe's Kids, the irrepressible stars of a new animated feature based on the popular characters of the late comedian Robin Harris. When ladies' man Robin meets the beautiful Jamika at a funeral service, he feels he must have died and gone to heaven. But on their first date, she greets him with four small surprises: her son Leon and girlfriend Bebe's three trouble-seeking kids. Robin's dream date becomes a nightmare as the group goes to the amusement park Fun World. There, Bebe's kids - devilish daughter LaShawn, militant preteen Kahlil, and gravelly voiced toddler Pee Wee - do everything they can to spite Robin's amorous intentions... and nearly destroy Fun World in the process. With an infectious hip-hop soundtrack and the voices of Nell Carter and superstar rapper Tone Loc, Bebe's Kids will delight children and every parent who ever tried to keep up with them.
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